I want to make a comfortable long range crusier, but im lacking knowledge

Hi! I want to scrap the dumpster fire that was my last build and really smash it home with this build.

So far I’ve got: :star:Sector 9 Kiss of Death as my deck - nice and hard, fits me perfectly :slight_smile: :star:10s5p battery from diyeboard - a cheap battery I know but I cant help but make every battery I touch die so I figured that a cheap battery will hold me over until I can learn not to cause them to break :star:Trucks : im debating on using these trucks ( the 10 inch version though :slight_smile: )(https://calibertruckco.com/product/ii-fifty/), :star: all terrain wheels like the ones found on diyeboard (http://www.diyeboard.com/6-15050mm-70a-airless-allterrain-wheels-with-hubs-pulleys-p-587.html?zenid=mmck96hie4aasof60f6k3jkht4 ) :star:Motors: 6355 190kv motor from torqueboards ( just reusing an old motor until I can get some new cans :slight_smile: :star:Vesc: torqueboards vesc, its treated me well, no reason to throw them out yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping I can get some expertise on the products ive chosen, as in if the trucks will support the size of my tires, and if the motor can pump wheels that big, last time I used it was on 90mm clones

Once I get home and start working ill be waiting until my paycheck to start this beast!

Being AT build cheaping out is going to cost you a lot more than you think. First that battery 10s5p diyeboard, dont think that battery can dischard more than 50amps its cheap battery cells put together only a 365wh battery at 5p. Second AT boards tend to stress your vesc a lot more , depending on what u mean by’AT" as in trampa type of think like offroad then your going to need a vesc 6 or just every now and then ride on grass or small dirt then focbox but guarantee your going to blow that vesc from dielectric.

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You will need very wide trucks to prevent wheel bite. Wheel deck bite and wheel foot bite is an issue! Dual drive is a good idea, but not 100% necessary. The HW 4.12 can handle it if you use relative low KV motors (120-140kv) and a twin setup, splitting strain to two ESCs. Gear down to 22mph, 35km/h. I would use 12S batteries to lower the amp flow as much as possible.

im sorry i meant the 107mm wheels, to me that seems large enough to call all terrain :o

do you think that the 10 inch caliber trucks i linked earlier would work?

what type of board would be good for the 107 superflys? Currently I have a Kiss of death shaped like this:

I have the same deck and I love it!!! Amazing deck

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How solid is this deck?

This deck is super solid, it got ran over by a car once and it’s still alive, been riding this thing for a year and tortured it, concaves are great, graphic is awesome, theres a bunch of holes everywhere and it’s still alive.

Sometimes I think my deck is going to snap bc of the way I treat it but it just survives everything

With 10in caliber 2s and deck with those cutouts you won’t have any wheel bite. I have an Arbor drop cruiser (drop-thriugh with cutouts) and 7in AT wheels and 1/4in risers, it’s not possible to get wheel bite, there’s a small possibility of my foot hitting the wheel but I have to be leaning at 39 degrees for it to be an issue.

Focbox will do fine, even under hardcore off-road conditions. It just needs proper cooling/preferably a dual case with fins.

Dump this battery and get a 10s4p 30Q at least. Otherwise this will be your weakest spot and will fail you pretty fast due to the low discharge cells they use. You won´t have a “beast” you´ll have a slow pony…

once again the issue of money comes up… lol

Honestly I want range over speed and this pack seems like it wouldnt be too bad. I want the range for my schools longboarding group and the NYC group rides, my pack last time was struggling :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have any suggestions… be my guest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

do you think my vescs will work with 107mm superflys? I wouldnt even mind underpowering the motor to get it to work, I want distance and a comfy ride, not something that can rip up asphalt haha

pretty darn solid, the user above me explained it very well :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t be an issue.

awesome! thank you so much!

I think caliber trucks are cheaper from amazon.com


I did check there actually haha, Ill be ordering from there when I pick them up :slight_smile:

Trust me, this pack will struggeling again after a few weeks. It´s underbuild and too heavy. You´re going to buy twice. Better safe up a bit more and get a real pack :wink:

That pack is like $200 shipped. For that you can get 8 3s 5000mah lipos. So that’s be 12s 10,000mah capable of 200amp continuous discharge. Good for about 24 to 30 miles depending on how you ride.

I know a lot of people here aren’t a fan of lipos but I’ve used them on 2 of my Boards and 1 I built for a friend and they perform perfectly for over a year now. As long as you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

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