I want to make a comfortable long range crusier, but im lacking knowledge

can you link me to come of the more robust and heavy duty packs that allow me to achieve at least 20 miles with decent discharge?

I would be using a torqueboards vesc and 107mm superflys and torqueboards 190kv 6355 motors

What gearing do you think I should use? I have the pulleys and what not from my 95mm setup before… are those reusable?

also charging… can you link me to the charger you use? I see you alot on here and I havnt heard too many complaints!

edit: sorry for so many questions but Im dying to know so I can sort all the pieces in my head

Because you´re in the US, get in contact with @barajabali. I´m sure he can help you out with a suiting batterypack with everything you need :wink:

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If you use 8 of these in a 12s2p layout, you’ll have as much discharge as you’ll ever need (200 amp continuous) and at least 20 miles of range (probably closer to 30 miles depending on riding style) https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-5000mah-3s1p-20c.html

For pulleys, you can probably use the same ones you used on 95mm. Almost as pulley ratio is acceptable, but remember that a ratio closer to 1:1 will result in higher top speed and less torque and a ratio farther than 1:1 will result in more torque and range. Use an esk8 calculator to figure out which pulley set-up works best for you.

I use this charger, but keep in mind it is intended to charge the entire battery at once (i.e. still in its 12s2p configuration since it should only be used to charge 12s batteries) https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-4V-2A-Power-Adapter-For-Self-Balanced-Vehicle12S-Li-ion-Battery-Charger-Plug/291922334252?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

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thanks! If I wanted to choose batteries that resulted in less amps, but the same amount of mah would that be ok for a 190 kv motor? im just looking for range (15 miles of actual riding, not the guesstimated mileage ) and 15-20 mph, nothing more.

also how do you connect these batteries? I would be worried with the amount of connections for the battery as a whole, that something I did would fail and make it all go boom :cry:

once again, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I would but a) im a complete idiot when it comes to this, Id like to learn and know a little myself before I waste an experts time with meaningless questions b) money, man. A college kid has to cut those corners wherever acceptable :laughing:

Yeah you could get some lower discharge, higher capacity batteries, but in most cases those will be lower quality. Your best going with zippy or turnigy brand batteries. I use 4 of those batteries I linked in a 12s1p confit and get 12-14 miles of real riding. So 12s2p (using 8 of those batteries) would for sure get you more than 20 miles range.

You’d need to connect 4 of those batteries in series to make 12s, then the other 4 in series in the same way to make 2 12s packs. Then connect those 2 packs in parallel to make 12s2p. I can make you a diagram if you want. And you’d want to solder in a power switch, a battery percent display as well. Do you have access to a soldering iron?

I feel you, I’m in the same boat. It’s a balancing act of not going so cheap that I end up with junk but at the same time not spending more than about $1k on any given build.

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I agree, lipos are f*ing amazing. High discharge compact form factor and cheap as hell. @anon64938381 if you haven’t bought that 10s5p battery I suggest to buy lipos instead.

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I am going to be making a dual hub board, initially I was going to use a bunch of 2s lipos but everyone recommends Li ion. I am use to Lipo but i am just worried about their life cycle dont lipos have a much shorter life cycle than Li ion? I just discovered diyeboard and was going to buy from there. Should I go the lipo route? I am sorry for thread jacking! Lipos are about the same cost as a battery from diyeboard and it is much more convenient. @pat.speed @pennyboard

I personally haven’t used anything but lipos and I think they are great, they deliver high amps with minimal sag and have a super easy to work with form factor.

Most say that lipos will have around 300 life cycles at normal use. Although if treated well they will have much more. If you want longer living cells only discharge to around 3.4-3.7v per cell, store them at ~3.85v and don’t charge them anymore than 4.2. Some might say only charging to 4.15 or less will increase life cycles but I’ve heard that’s not true for lipos, only Li-ion.

Edit: Let’s use my battery as an example I can ride for around 20km on a charge and let’s say I get 350 charge cycles (I discharge down to about 3.2-3.4v so a bit less than others the only discharge to 3.7v). That would mean that I can get something like 7000km out of my battery before I need to replace it, now that’s pretty damn good so I wouldn’t be worrying about it too much unless you are going to be doing 20-30km every day, 5 days a week.