I want two remote controllers with different speed limits on one board

How do I proceed to get one controller with 12 MPH limit, and the other controller with 24-28 MPH? I will gladly use 150-300$ just to make this possible… but ofcourse, as cheap as possible ^^ I think one solution would be two ESC’s and program each one differently, but i was hoping for one ESC or focbox in order to save space… Thanks in advance for taking your time, and reading my issues… :slight_smile:

I’m unsure as to your exact requirements, so this is offered simply as “in case you didn’t know about it”. I would think it has to be much cheaper as well. As an alternative to two separate controllers, you may wish to consider using a Bluetooth setup, wherein the “app” allows one to set the maximum speed at any given time. So, if the idea is to limit the board to a particular max speed for a child or beginner, then use the “app” to set that limit. Then for the more experienced rider use the same “app” to set the limit to the higher maximum speed. Back and forth as needed. There are some commercial boards out there that paired with their “app” provide this ability as part of the package. I think I remember seeing at least one that even required a password to access the “app” so that would provide more security from “app”-savvy children. I would assume there are a few DIY systems that do the same or similar.