I WONDER electric skateboard, cheap clone?

Hi has anyone heard of this I WONDER board if so could you please tell me its worth the money http://www.i-wonder.cn/SK-D-Electric-Skateboard.htm

Ive seen a few videos of the single motor product and it looks alright but I am yet to see a review of the duel motor so if anyone knows about it, it would be a big help.

I’m honestly laughing… This looks like a total design ripoff of the 1st generation Yuneec Ego

I’ve contacted them before, but ended up not getting one because there’s almost no information on them. They said their dual motor is still in testing phase, so it’s not the final product. Their single motor is “more trusted”, but I am still hesitant in buying a cheap Chinese board (even though it’s the only thing I can afford).

Cheap chinese boards tend to go for about 400 USD… assuming that this is your budget, you could easily build your own E-board for that price. 120A ESC - 60$ 2 x 3s batteries - 50$ Motor - 50$ Charger - 30$ Deck - 25$ Trucks - 40$ Motor Mount - 60$ Gears/Belt - 30$ Misc/Shipping - 60$ Total: $405 (USD)

It’s super easy to source parts now that the E-sk8 movement has gotten big - check eBay, amazon, and ask questions on the forum. Obviously the setup with less expensive parts is going to be simpler, and you’ll have to take the batteries out every time to charge, but it’s not hard to create a functional board that is also 10x more reliable than Chinese knock-offs

^This, the DIY community is at the point where you can practically plug and play in terms of buying a board, mount, esc, battery, etc… and putting together relatively easily with little tools. It may be somewhat inconvenient but the ability to swap parts easily is a huge bonus compared to pre-builts that have very specific or non replaceable parts.

In terms of prebuilts, it seems like a lot of people are going out of there way to find obscure Chinese boards that have zero feedback yet and ask about them. While there is a small chance that it is a decent board why even bother when there are plenty of boards out there that have already been deemed good or bad?

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I had been juggling between diy or a Chinese board for a while. In the end, I’ve decided on the Chinese I-Wonder board because I’ve heard all good things from it on the Reddit forums from multiple different people.

A big reason why diy is harder for me is because I live in Taiwan. Getting parts shipped is pretty expensive. On top of that, getting boards from China shipped to Taiwan, even with customs, is less than $100.

If I were in the US, I would totally do diy. Parts are easier and cheaper to find and there’s just so many more things there.

HI i got one its a mini I wonder 1200 watt single motor board ,the controller is only ok its forward and pull back for the brake which don’t kick in until half way into PULLING the back switch to gone half way , and then i is full stop with a nasty slip of the belt freaky out of control mode and off you go flying . to say the brakes are bad is an understatment , however i weigh 94kgs and if you are on a flat surface like a tennis court or alike its good fun to go round on you can get about 45 mins out of it ,its not fast its got a not fast mode and its got a i’m a 11 year old slow mode, ha ha it can’t climb any thing more than a 3 degrees so watch it strain up even a tiny slope oh it comes with nasty cheap non Abec crap bearings and no spacers either which is like oooooo who made this ? and why ?? so that’s the first thing you need to do to it .add good bearings and spacers but if you want to go around and around on flat surfaces for 40 mins and practice your figure eights its fine , so long as you have the fence to crash into to stop
don’t go any where you may need to stop or slow down (don’t ever go down a hill on this thing ) the brake is a unpredictable son of a bitch that comes in last minute and its so full stop immediate stop but with belt slip to so you have that added out of control spine flipping effect ,rolls eyes and thinks never again and you are thrown off it the board then it goes into freak out mode and fly’s away IN A VERY POPPY AND FLIPPY WAY that only a mini skate board can do lol I am an experienced electric skate board rider and the brake sucks like an old eskate raptor ! and they really stink ! in every way (except the graphics design on the top of the deck that’s pretty, i think - great if you want to hang it on a wall not at all good to ride plus at only 150 watts at best and a FOC SQUARE WAVE CONTROLLER MAKES IT SUCK THE BIG ONE FOREVER ETURNUTTY -LOL )

you have been warned ,i really don’t recommend it for that reason but if you are shorter than 6 foot a or shorter and weigh less than 75 kgs or less and if you are like a rubber frog ! it could be fun for you
its so cheap too about £275 mark

have to give it some due it don’t look cheap it don’t feel cheap but it has little power and the brakes are a bit like someone placing a tree stump under your front wheel which suddenly disappears and and off you gooooooooooooooooooooo I wonder would anyone ever want an I WONDER i did not and i returned mine for a full refund . got a bench wheel which is awesome in every way

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what would you do to replace it I have an i wonder as well and my motor died I have looked at hobby kings Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv Brushless Outrunner Motor I am trying to see if i can upgrade it

well depends on how much you weigh and how tall you are ? if you are a big tall guy who needs power ,then buy a dual motor 3600 watt total out putter like a bench wheel I wonder is it because you want a lighter board ,lol