I-WONDER SK-D Electric-skateboard

I-WONDER SK-D -How fast it can go in real terrain ? -If i want the speed more can i buy some lipo battery ex: 12s , 10s and then switch thank!

The motors are already 2000 watts, thats probably combined so guessing 1000 watt each. With 6s voltage. So probably around 15mph tops depending on your weight. i’m running 2 2650watt motors and i’m only getting around 15mph on 6s or 25volts. The problem with upping the voltage on a board like that is that the electronics are designed for 24volts and if you bump it up to 10s 42volts or 12s 50 volts, you will likely fry the electronics.

U can change the motors. Figure out the kv and go higher

thank u hummie

thank you namasaki

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I’m currently contemplating buying the cheaper single drive version longboard SK-B. 35 km/h, 30km range. looks like the perfect board for me to start my e-boarding adventure. Got reply from manufacturer already but no price yet. Anyone here who has experience with these badboys, any feedback would be nice.

Check out the subreddit. A lot of people on there have used the SKB. There are even reviews up there.