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Hi all,

After some advice please. I love my Icarus - it is so on point and rides like a rolls royce. I want to electrify it.

This will be my first build, and as a dad of one (about to be two) I want to keep it simple!

I’m keen not to upset the setup of my board and will be looking at getting a mount machined - I have a design whereby I have a collar machined to wrap the truck, countering the slight conical shape, fix it with grub screws then weld a mount of that collar - we’ll see how it goes! (my dad hobbies in airplanes so I’m lucky to have access to machinists etc). Other than that I am looking at:

16/36T pulleys - 15mm belt if possible 190kV 6374 motor 2 x https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-4500mah-4s1p-45c.html lipos - I’ve been back and forth lipo an liion and as it’s first build, first iteration will start with these. Also I’m happy with expected range/speed etc. Not looking to go far to start with.

Here’s where I’m struggling…

What’s the best way for me to go from 2 series lipos to the 6374? Would really appreciate advice on balancing so I can charge simply from one charger, switches (I/O and e-switch) and VESC.

Looking for a simple but reliable solution as I’m not blessed with time. I’m really excited to crack on with this - any advice would be really appreciated :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

Very best, Sibbo


If simple is what you’re after I’d go the XT-90 anti-spark route. Charging depends on the level of teardown you want to do after each ride. You could get an 8S LIPO BMS that has a built in I/O and e-switch so you could easily charge via laptop style charger. Or keep it simple for the time being and just open your enclosure, pull out the lipos out and parallel charge them using an i-max hobby charger or similar.

I’m working on an icarus build also atm! Happy building!

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Thanks bro - appreciate your thoughts… what’s your icarus build looking like?

As @Emerson said… xt90 antispark or antispark bullet :slight_smile: to power on :slight_smile:

@Deckoz and myself as well as a few others are waiting on some sweet enclosures from @Eboosted (similar to boosted board in design, split style). My goal is for a lightweight capable cruiser:

Deck: Icarus Trucks: Caliber II 45 Bearings: Zealous Wheels: 97mm Clones Bushings: Venom SHR Cone Battery: 12S2P Li-Ion made of samsung 30Qs w/ BMS (charge only) & Vedder Anti-Spark Motor: 1 x 6374 Motor Mount: Dual idler mount from @marcmt88 Pulley Combo: 14/44T 12mm HTD5 350mm ESC: FOCBOX w/ Bluetooth module attached Remote: Modded GT2B

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Sounds awesome! Good luck with it, will be stoked to see it live!

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From the man himself.


Sweet as bro!

So a few more weeks reading and researching have updated a few plans.

Hoping to get hold of one of @fottaz 7s3p battery packs https://eskating.eu/product/7s3p-eskating-electric-skateboard-battery/ then add in a FocBox, nano-x and power a 6364 245kv motor from hobbyking https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6364-245kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html unless anyone can provide/find a sensored 230kv motor??? I’m really struggling

I’m going to fix the display, I/O and charge port into the void of the paris and deck for a neat finish.

Have drawn up a design for a mount but it’s basically the same as @psychotiller ripba mount so I may be coming your way bro… :slight_smile:

Which just leaves enclosures that I’ll mould with fibreglass to keep them as tight as possible. The hope is that this is going to be pretty lightweight and also not take away from the sweet-riding icarus…

Only question is about an anti-spark - any thoughts would be gratefully received!

To be continued…

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