ICE CRUSHER | 16ply HOLYPRO | 4W chain drive MTB | 4x 6374 170kV APS | quad ESCAPE | Steering damper

u can use a hand file, or a dremel or clamp the hanger in a drill press and use a file lol…

Yeah sure… just guess with my prediction it will look after more like a egg… :sweat_smile:

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lol just make it straight so u can cut threads lol



Ok ok :joy: no egg trucks today sir!


Prototyp for the dual escapes done image

@ArnhemAnt if you still interested in the stl file shoot me you e-mail via pm and i‘ll sent them to you


Thanks man. PM sent.

I had the same problem with one of mine8b8b5f7ce189929c6dc033201f93b3be9f0c0697_1_281x500 If you have a look a my build, I had to pull the axle out and make a new one. Have a chat to Trampa and see what they say about it.

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Can you write me the link to your build? Interested how you got the shaft out. I already have a new hanger. The old one i will try to cut a new smaller thread to have it as back up hanger laying at home.

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Didn´t updated this here for a while so let´s get together what happened in the last weeks. I orderd a new infinity hanger and one more set of superstar rims. chrome/black to hold it a bit more decent. When the hanger arrived I realized that they come without plastic inserts and nuts :see_no_evil: …totally overseen that… unfortunatelly I also couldn´t find the right size of nuts in any of the hardware shops close to my home. So no way around to order and wait another 1,5 week for the missing parts… meanwhile the APS motors arrived after 2,5 month backorder waiting and 3 weeks UPS document trouble war… the problem with it, the damn order wasn´t complete… I ordered 4 motors but they sent only 2… APS_Motor nevermind, I opened the motors and sealed the sensors like usual. I could fix the one 6384 motor with the replacement bell which they sent me. Till the coating got dry I used my old set up to have some first jumps in the park

But than it was time to change to dual 6384 170kV and chains

I very much like the setup and the sound of the chains. The torque is nicer with 170kV instead of 190kV. Definitly noticable. But I also lose about 2km range out of my 5ah Lipo packs, which probably comes with the more agressive riding and the chains them self too. In the last week weather became better and I startet to adjust my motor and bat max values. I increased slowly the values till I reached now 50a bat max 80a motor max on each foxbox. The temp of the focboxes max out at 55degrees and the motors at 65degrees. The max bat current I reached till now was 35a for each focbox. I still wait for the two missing motors to arrive. So for now now quad drive. Probably also not in the next weeks as I like the “light” setup and enjoy to practice more jumping. I´m looking now to get some more Lipos to get more range. I have two sets of 5ah lipos which last each about 30min, than I need to swap them. I also added some lights under the board lights I´m sure they will not last long as I hit a lot of stones and wood, but it becomes very fast dark already and my front light´s still not arrived. Let´s see, for now it works and I like the look…

I finally came back to cut some videos (before I cut mainly vacation videos…) I hope I can improve my riding and video cutting skills in future and I hope you guys will like them too. Here one last short ride in my park close to home


Nice build! Finally you finished. But shit (the last video 0:09) you almost hit a dog. And friends that why you always keep your dog in a leash


no no, the dog was close to bite off my leg… always try to drive as max polite as posible along people on my way, but the dogs are not so easy to handle :joy:

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Ooooh! Seems to be coming along nicely. How are those APS motors? Also, how are you running those LED’s?

Keep it up!

those are 5V LEDs. They work with a USB and a small power bar which I just added on the velcron stripe of my deck. I have a step down converter laying around too, but as it is not the final stage of the build I was to lazy to integrate it in my Lipo set up.

I have mixed feelings about the APS motors. I a little bit lost the trust in the hold of the magnets when one of them became lose or broke during motor detection…first need to get back to it. I realized that from about 40km/h the sound they make change to some kind of high screeming noice. Till now I couldn´t locate if it´s only one or both motors and if it´s just there own frequenz which lead to it, or if there is a lose winding, magnet or screw.

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Yikes, been hearing about the magnets falling off during motor detection. Also about the noise. I wonder if they’ve been having QC issues recently, would explain some of this.

Looking forward to to completion of this build!

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An unfortunate, common occurrence with Trampa. I too have played the ‘waiting game’ a few times and now make sure i order extra parts so I hopefully don’t get caught out as much in the future. Your build is coming along real nice and the videos are great as they help to show the areas that you ride. Thanks also for mentioning your current batt and motor settings - this gives people like me a bit of a ‘bench line’ for setting things up.

Dogs and moving objects…I once had a tricopter snatched from the air by a dog whilst flying FPV and didn’t even know it was there. I ended up with a broken prop and the dog ended up with multiple cuts to its snout. I guess the advantage with a board is that you have a better chance of seeing the dog, and possibly outrun it too.


Thx for your kind words. I usually try to drive slowly along dogs to make them not nervous… but this small dogs sometimes hard to see… they just jump out of the nowhere and want to bite your calves :joy:

Small update. I installed some head lights this weekend. I used this 12v lights Schau, was ich auf AliExpress gefunden

They get there power from this powerbar Schau, was ich auf AliExpress gefunden Which is kind a handy. It’s waterproof with space for 6x 18650 and a 12V and a 5V usb output. The usb plug was unfortunately totally crap so ich soldered on a xt60.

The headlights running with the 12V output and the LED stripe with the 5V output.

I made a quick 3D printed holder for the lights but don’t think it will stand the vibration long.

For now it works and I think for 25€ (without 18650s) the result is not so bad image image


The two dual escape cases close to be finished. Only needs new 5.5mm bullet connectors and I need to seal the phase wire holes with silicon from outside image image