ICE CRUSHER | 16ply HOLYPRO | 4W chain drive MTB | 4x 6374 170kV APS | quad ESCAPE | Steering damper

I live in Russia and I bought it from China. Don’t think I have any oportunity to get warranty on it. Even if i‘ll need to sent it back which would already cost half of the price. Where did you buy your steering damper?

I got a pair on the french eriders FB group (unused). I can’t tell where the guy bought them but I can ask if you need.

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Just if I buy a new one I want to be sure I get one which is working and not a fake or broken one. That’s why I asked. If it’s not a big deal, than yes please ask where he got his damper from.

Hope you can try the beast soon, 4WD must be sick!

You’ll love them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: especially on streets

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Hope so too! Weather sucks at the moment… Yeah can’t wait to get my elastomers :relieved::blush::relieved:

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Realized I didn’t updated this here for a while… So what happened: I got my board finally out for some rides. As expacted the range is not double up with double battery and 4motors. With dual motors and 12s 5Ah range was 8-10km max. With Quad and 2x 12s 5Ah packs I get about 12km (maybe a bit more in the summer) I made a short video from the first quad ride

I also had my first crash… There was a piece of cut try sticking out of the ground, which I haven’t seen because of fallen leafs… hit it with the front motor mount… made a big front flip out of my bindings and the board was pushed up too and landed like planed directly on me :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: just good that I always packed in some layers of safty clothes :joy: And guys (and girls for sure too) never EVER forget wearing a helmet. Even if it´s just for the 100m ride to the next shop!!! The mounts didn’t took any damage and even the light is still ok. Seems I hit the tree only on the corner.
image I checked all screws and connections back home and realized the crash made even one screw flew out and one more to become lose. That wasn’t the case before the ride. I now locked really all screws with loctide too.

Meanwhile I also made a set of studded wheels. Not sure so if they will last long, but if they will, I will make a short how to in here. image

I didn’t have had a time to install them yet. Last weekend it finally started to snow and the snow seems to last. Sure I made a short video of my first ride in the snow.

Things I realized: Without heel straps it’s definitely not possible to drive safe. The place where the foots staying get full of ice and snow so fast and that’s really slippery. So what i have to do in the next days: Get on the studded wheels Install the heel straps And up the motor and battery values. Aaand down with the motor min settings. Breaking with quad is kind a tricky with -50a each motor. If you push the trigger to stop it stops…and this stop happens in the same moment :sweat_smile: had some critical moments when I was riding first time :sweat_smile:


Glad you and the board survived the crash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s not much, i guess it is because of low temperatures. For comparison with my 12s 8Ah MTB and dual motors I usually get 18-23km range (above 15°C) but right now at -1°C the range dropped dramatically to 14.5km.

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the 8-10km range where with the dual setup and already 1 month ago, so 10-12 degree. I checked how much mAh i used when charging the Lipos back up and it was close to 5000mAh. means my range is really that much short :wink: I once got like 18km when I used belts back in the days and only cruizing with my girl at an average speed of maybe 10km/h. but besides i never came that close. As I don´t think I drive more aggressive than you :sweat_smile: it´s probably because of the chains. I realized a range loss of about 2km from belt to chain swap. maybe also the different kV and slightly bigger motors (before dual 6384) has an influence on it.

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@rich did you notice any range difference when you changed to helical gears?

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Hard to say but maybe it’s 10% to 20% more range with gears compared to belts but I’m not sure.

Between straight cut gears and helical gears there is no difference in range or perfomance but epic difference in noise, I’m a ghost rider :sunglasses:

Do the chains have more drag than belts?

Last year I had belts, Vesc 4.12, dual 6364 and a 10s 10Ah Lipo and also about 20km range like now with 12s 8Ah (which are about the same Wh). But once I could charge 12Ah into the under rated 10Ah Lipo that’s why there must be a difference between belts and gears in range.

But even 20km is like a joke I want much more range for exploring bigger areas and mountains. I’m thinking about 12s5p, 6p or 7p Li-ion. When I calculate with my personal 17,76 Wh/km I get this:

12s5p 30Q 648Wh -> 36,49km | 3kg 12s6p 30Q 777,6Wh -> 43,78km | 3,6kg
12s7p 30Q 907,2Wh -> 51,08km | 4,2kg

Damn 51km :heart_eyes: but very heavy idk.

BTW what’s the total weight of your 4WD?

Maybe you ride top speed all the time :laughing:


I still don’t understand why my range is so different from yours. I don’t think that’s the batterys as those 60c hobbyking lipos and they have like zero sag. :thinking: I don’t have a scale to weight everything, so I sit down for a minute and wrote everything together. If I didn’t made any mistake than it should be around 14-15kg at the moment. Will be a bit more in some weeks with different hubs and wheels :wink:

I definitely want more range too. It’s 26km from work home and next year I want to drive this way more often. As min one way. But probably not with the quad. It’s for sure a lot of fun, but it’s way much more comfortable with a light board. More flexibility more jumping etc.

I‘m probably will work out an easy swap system for my next build. I don’t like to have 5kg of batteries on the board. Better just 1.6kg and swap them every 10km. The exchange packs will come into my backpack. For all those who now say…määäh bit than you have the weight non the less with you. Yes that’s right, but for me it’s a big difference if this weight is hanging on my legs or sitting on my shoulders.


Thinking of doing the same thing, using the graphene/multistar hobbyking lipo cases and industrial strength velcro, im considering going with 8x of newer HK nano techs plus 5ah as they are super small in size and have less weight than the Graphenes but about the same ompf

but i am also considering 8x gens ace hard case 6s 4.5ah 60c’s as well because of the hard case giving more protection on the back pack rucksack carrying aspect so to speak.

By the way i love this build…much impressive.

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Thx first for the kind words! I was looking a time for this

They big but those really good packs for a good price. Thought to use them if I plan longer trips and than just swap them out to light 5Ah packs if I want to go for a jump session or so. I also like the hard case stuff. Don’t own any of them, but after I have seen what @Duffman made with hardcase packs it’s really really cool. I use the hobbyking heavy duty packs at the moment. The are about 70€ for 6s 5Ah. Not graphens, but also only half the price. Let’s see how much charge cycles they can hold.


HAHA, yup i been looking at those same ones (14000mah’s) they are a very good solution less wires to run power through and connect is better and the size is perfect, alas im in the UK and the postage on those direct from Gens ace is savage, and i cant find them anywhere else than on the Gens ace site… :frowning: its because the hardcase (4.5’s) ones are on ebay and end up cheaper than buying direct due to postage!! that they are on my list at all.

The heavy duty ones did peak my interest but hadn’t seen or heard any reports on them until now.

I know that @telnoi is using the heavy duty lipos too. Think even a bit longer than I already.

If you interested in the tattu lipos than wrote them a message. I have seen in Eu the shipping is crazy hight. They don’t ship to Russia that’s why I got in contact with them and they linked me to the local store here in Russia. They have only some of there lipos here, but the 14Ah I was eying with they have and shipping is like 15€ or so only. Maybe there is something the same in your area too. Or something like a local pic up where you can get around the high shipping costs.

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More range more range guys !! :stuck_out_tongue: hahahaaa Just to share some other number ^^ with the 12s12Ah15c graphene (2x6s) I can ride less than 20km in hard session and more than 35/40 on flat road cool cruising (9", chain 9x42T, 130kv, v6 70A motor and battery). (Andy, I know you already mansion that but isn’t the weather actually that disadvantage your battery range ?) I got the same other packs in the backpack, but I’m also planning to make a bigger seat between my fit for 12s 24Ah 30c for some long hikings.


Thx @Riako to through in some more numbers from an experienced rider. But that can fit together. I had a range of 8-10km (more 8 than 10😅) with the 12s 5Ah pack, so that would be 16-20km with 12s 10Ah pack. Those numbers are for a dual chain drive with 6384 170kV motors. With the Quad i get about 12-15km out of a 12s10Ah pack. That with 4x 6374 170kV motors. ESCape settings are bat 50 motor 70a for now. Will pump it up a bit in future, just used some lower settings for the first rides.

I had a ride on the weekend with -7 degree. Didn’t noticed any big range drop. I didn’t drive the battery till the total end, but I got like 10km out at an end voltage of 3.8 per cell. So should be easy 2 more km left. My lipos getting out of a warm room and they still slightly warm (maybe 28-30degree) when I come home. Don’t think that the packs get a big influence of the cold. Would be different if I would swap the packs to cold ones in my backpack I think.

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Yeah, so far so good. I’ll wait for my judgment when winter is over. Difficult time for lipos with sub temperatures.

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How much charge cycles you already have done with them? Just round about.

About 80. So far, what goes in and out is identical to when I first bought them.