ICE CRUSHER | 16ply HOLYPRO | 4W chain drive MTB | 4x 6374 170kV APS | quad ESCAPE | Steering damper

So, time to move on… After my setback and a long vacation I finally have some parts together to start my winter project. The plan is to build a 4W chain drive MBT, which can handle all weather conditions during the Russian winter. Unfortunately my 6374 APS motors will be back in stock only in 3 weeks according to @AlienPowerSystem last info, so I guess it will take roughly 5 weeks from now till I get them to Russia… At the moment I also don´t know how long it will take till @stewii is ready to ship his second patch of ESCAPEs… So I decided to split my project in different steps. For now I will use my parts I have to get me back on the (off) road. Here a small impression of what I need to get together in the next days Delivery

The board already set up with dual 6384 170kV APS motors Things I have to do next

  • install the steering damper (front or back truck)
  • design and 3D print a dual focbox case
  • design and 3D print a battery box for the 5ah heavy duty Lipos
  • solder split plugs
  • solder wires to the Bluetooth modules
  • solder all cables with plugs
  • solder adapter for motor sensor wires (or maybe I just cut them and directly solder a 2mm HST plug to them)
  • 3D print some GT2B mod cases and install the electrics

and finally, wait the Lipos arriving from the custom clearance…



I have both rear and front and from my experience, only the front needs to be set up regarding your ride conditions (heavy all road and smooth asphalt bike path). The rear one can be let at the same setting.

I only have one which I can install on the front or in the back so in my case you would recommend to install it in the front as only there it´s necessary to adjust the strength. In the back I would go with yellow or red dampas

Yes. :slight_smile:

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Nice to hear that you are back after the accident! Good luck on the build and remember to NOT use the same connector for charging and vesc connector. Cool build! Looking forward to see the end result!

:sweat_smile:no for sure i‘ll not use the same connectors again. Learned my lesson. For that built i‘ll go with lipos on top so that I can take them out for balance charging in a save place. I will also add a fuse to the main power wires from the battery to the vesc. No switches only antispark xt90 which I can disconnect easy and fast in case something went wrong…let’s knock on wood that it will not :wink:

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Looks crazy! That pile must cost like 2-3 k$ :grinning:

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I stopped calculating…as long as I don’t need to eat dry bread and water only, everything is good :joy:


Damn… crazy build man! Looks like this gonna be alot of fun and I can imagine you can climb wicked steep hills.

:joy: Yeah that’s the only way to make it happen!


Thx man! Need to update the build log… But no time…it always looks like, only some connections, screws and soldering…and in the end I spend evening after evening to get all together and running smoothly :sweat_smile: Hills here not that much unfortunately, but I want to get a good traction in snow and on ice. So I guess it’s never bad to have all wheels under control

If you want traction on snow and ice you either need bigger wheels, better profile or Spikes. It wont help if you can run each Motor Individually when You slide on ice.

The last one is the way I choose :wink:

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Cool project. Sounds like waterproofing, chain rust and traction will be your most challenging issues, although I’m speculating on the chains. I haven’t run then myself. You could see if @barajabali can still get get those 8" snow chains or check out @Duffman’s monster 4wd that he put extra wide rims and studded tires on. I’m slowly building up a 4wd belt driven board with 10" tires, but it won’t ever see snow; just possibly an occasional golf course. :golf:

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Thx for the links. I got through both of them already a time ago and also asked for the 8“ winter chains but didn’t got an reply unfortunately. The duffman monster is crazy. Would like to go in that direction, but unfortunately my tools here very restricted. So i can just try to get the best out of my situation. Waterproof is definitely one of the main priorities. How the chains will last in the winter…let’s see. If it’s not practical i can always change back to belt drive no problem.

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ok, first things done, as usual with some set backs… I figured out that the deck I received was the wrong ply. Luckily we could figure out an arrangement and my new deck is on the way. For now I started with the 15ply as I wanted to get back in the work.

  • 3D printed dual Focbox case is done.
  • 3D printed battery box is done
  • got some new griotape, as I really didn’t like the trampa stock griptape on the holypro.
  • installed the steering damper on the front axel
  • changed the bullet connectors on the focbox to 5.5mm :scream: guess now I lost my guaranty :joy:
  • jst 2mm extension for the aps motor sensor wires done
  • Bluetooth module done
  • 8AWG power cables from battery to the vescs done
  • fuse serial plug for the battery box done

I was quite surprised that soldering 8AWG to the xt90 was so easy. read a lot of people here had some issues. I used a small thin gauged an twisted it around the end, than added some solder to the wire and to the plug, heated up everything and put it together. My new friend is liquid tape…just used it for all open metallic parts I found. 8AWG Maybe it looks not so accurate, but the result is what matters! My battery box is equipped with a xt90 serial plug in which I integrated a 58V 100A fuse. Hope I choose the right size. If not I can change it to 80A or 125a which I have as spare too. Fuse_split

This weekend it was finally at the time to set up the focboxes Everything went well till the motor detection… than this happened Broken_Magnet

Don´t know what it caused to fail, but now I´ll need to find a replacement for this motor…


You could try replacing the magnet and gluing it back.

Thx for the imput. My problem with it for now is just to get the right sized magnet. Unfortunately I don’t have old 6384 motors where I could dismount one magnet

Small update: As one of my APS 6384 motors broke while motor detection I needed to find an alternative to come back on the road… Luckily my old sealed 6374 motors from survived the fire and only the wires where burned. So I decided to open them up, clean them and set the wires up again. The problem with it, they have a 8mm shaft, the APS motors 10mm and so does all the new motor sprockets unfortunately too. I have two 15mm 15th motor pulleys, but here the next problem appears…all the belts I have are too short… So I ordered a set of new belts. As I didn´t want to wait till the belts come from china, I thought why not to use the opportunity to 3D print my own 66th pulley which should fit than to the longest felt I have at home… And as result I got this:


I think not so bad for the next time. Tonight I need to print the second one and than theoretically I could get things running :grin:

The APS motors I ordered, still not sent… They promised to get the new batch this week, so I patiently wait for my order as min three more weeks.

Meanwhile this arrived: Escape

Thx @stewii for the escapes, @LukePL for the spare dual case and @moon for the two Flipsky 6.6. Very happy that everything passed the customs without problems! The order from unik boards @okp unfortunately got stuck at the customs and it was not that easy to get them explained what it is, for what I need it and so on and so on…my bad Russian knowledge made it not more easy :sweat_smile: took good 2 weeks of brining different documents till it´s finally made it to my home. But I already like my Freeride bindings and the new sprockets for my Superstar hubs :grin:


had a lucky sunny weekend and could finally take the board for a ride. that´s how it looks in wild life… IMG_6062peter_paul

I´m a bit disapointed about the steering damper. Was hoping to get a bit a bigger range of variation from tight to lose. Riding my board here in Russia is always a bit a kind a strange. Don´t wanna know in how much videos I have been again on the weekend… It´s not common here. There millions of E-Scooter on the road, but a e-MTB is hard to catch. Unfortunatly I run in the next problem. I can´t get off the nut which hold the wheel on the hanger. It´s just turning but not moving…looks like the thread is fu…ed… let´s hope it´s just from the nut not from the hanger :pray: IMG_6197

Looks like I´ll need to dremel it somehow off. If there some other idea, you welcome to give me some advice!

As I can´t upload videos her (and my youtube not ready) If somebody interested you can find me and some short clips of my last weekend ride on Instagram Mister87twister