ICharger 1010B+ Question

So, I am getting ready to charge my battery for the first time, I selected 10 cells on my charger and pressed start. But it shows this screen (Picture down below). I checked voltage with a volt meter and I am getting 35.2 V as you would expect, but the charger only detects 9 cells. Should I go ahead and charge it or do I need to fix something?

That’s a problem. Go to li-ion monitor mode and check the voltage of each cells.

So, it is displaying 35.28V. I can’t check each cell because I have a BMS and don’t have a balance lead for the charger. When I was making the battery I made sure to check each cell multiple times and every time I made a connection, and they were all at 3.52 V.

Oh then it’s fine. Just force the charger to charge at 10S.

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Okay, thanks for the help!

Seems that there is no problem. The “detection” of 9 cells is maybe an educated guess by that charger. So just force the 10 cells charging. Or to make sure, go measure the individual cells. EDIT: Okay, two replies while i was typing… Nevermind…

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