I'd like to apologize

I owe all of you an apology for my sudden disappearance. I got in way over my head this last year. Things happened really fast and I wasn’t ready. Even a couple of my suppliers weren’t ready for the orders we received. It shut me down before i ever got started. Then the move to abec, completely crippled my ability to deliver anything on time or at all. (This is a story for another time) Once the Chargebacks started coming in, paypal froze all of the money in my acct. It’s still there, but I can’t touch it. I moved out of abec completely last week. MasterCarve as far as my partnership with it is done. The team of guys that assembled left with me. There are still still orders on the table that will be completed but it will take a little more time. I know I should have been more communicative, but saying no or I don’t have it a hundred or more times a day was painful. Still is. Worse, your money is important to you. I know this too.

This brings me to the next part. I owe you guys some money. Kevin Stubbings Mike Dizon David Bonde And a few others I’ll name here in an update later today.

I’m going to liquidate some things to pay the money back. @Topcloud (Karl) is going to proxy the sales and distribute the money to it’s rightful owners.

I’m selling: My personal AWD 40" Killshot Race Board. 12s5p 30q, 230kv 6374’s, 100a maytech vescs, Hexl Tkp trucks, 6x3 pneumatics, Custom Deck skinned by Sender. One of a kind. Won several races this year. Certainly one of the best boards around. $3000

2wd 38" Killshot on Hexl TKP’s, 12s5p, 170kv 6374’s, Abec 107s. Powerful and fun. $2000

I have 2 Suunko Welders I will sell for $100 each

50 new 40t Abec wheel pulleys $25 each

1 xl Lazyrollers armoured hoodie $120

Lots of other small parts and stuff too. Ask us.

Again, This isn’t where I wanted to be. I’m sorry I took us to this point and I will make it right.



I’m sorry to hear that things have been rough. I have an order in for your trucks that I’d like to keep going if you think you will be able to get to them, if not what is the best way to cancel my order so your account doesn’t have to have anymore chargebacks? I hope you can pull through this, you and your gear are such a big part of the esk8 community.


Sorry to hear your moving away, posting a public apology is not easy and even less selling everything you have to pay debts. However, this speaks for itself about the kind of human being you are. Good luck with your future projects


Hi Dave,

Couple of things:

  • thanks for the update
  • your website does not have this update and people will still try to buy things. If you’re still taking orders, at least put a message on there to provide an estimate of how long it will take.
  • I’m still really keen for the 2x enclosures I ordered which have been paid for and not cancelled. Are you planning to fulfill these orders? Any idea of when?