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IDEA Drop down board motor well extension

I have an product idea I would like to share with y’all which currently doesn’t exist for sale in the home-built electric skateboard community.

One of the nicest things the electric skateboard community would like to use but can’t are drop down decks. The issue is there just isn’t enough room for the motors to move about (unless wheel biting, using risers or placing motors in a more fragile and lower spot such as behind the wheels). Everything else which goes under the board has now been slimmed (slim batteries and slim ESCs).

I browsed around and found this product called the GBomb Pump Bracket, which allows for the truck to be pushed further out from the mounting holes. This sort of arrangement would be perfect for under-mounted motors for the actual drop would then be further ahead of the motors.

The problem is, it’s way too fancy and expensive, and the bend in it is unnecessary.

This guy made something similar machined locally, but the drop is not quite necessary.

The extension brackets do not even have to go out a full truck length, even halfish extensions could work (brackets which allow the “edgeiest” pair of holes from the deck to still be used. A motor well usually needs about 3 inches length max to move freely. Drop down decks already have some room albeit not much.

Anyways I was wondering what the community’s thoughts were and if there’s a demand.

I am also looking for someone who could make flat extension brackets for a modest price too. I asked the guy who made the 2nd link but he doesn’t seem too thrilled.

Cheers and thanks for being a great community!

If you dig a just a little deeper into the forum you’ll find that some of us have built several E-boards using drop decks. Even drop decks mounted drop through. Plenty of parts out there to make it all possible. With a little thought just as easy to make all of the parts yourself too!

All my boards are drop deck. However, they don’t use off the shelf decks, all are custom builds.

This is board number 2, they have evolved since then but, oddly, this board is still the best carver.


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