Idea for a project - Starter Build using a liftboard

I was looking on ebay and see that there are a bunch of single-motor liftboards for sale as parts. From what I have read these boards were junk due to motor failures. However, at $50 is there anything in them that is worth reusing?

Could I replace the motor or use the board + enclosure? I’m just looking for a project.


They’re pretty much junk. You won’t get too far with it. A good project might be a diy from scratch :wink:

I thought that would be the answer from most, but it is an interesting exercise. If I’m going to diy from scratch, I was looking that the I love that idea, but a totally different price point.

The lift board involves low quality parts that are bound to fail and performance is lacklustre at best. Diy is a whole different beast.

Buildkitboards is one of the vendors, started selling kits at a phenomenal price too. In fact maybe TOO low as most were concerned for his personal profit margins haha.

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I would just buy a BKB kit haha, great value and much better quality than most chinese low end clones or anything like liftboard. Such a good price