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Idea for new controller

So after reading about all the possible negative aspects of the nunchuck controller I decided to add a little safety to my ride. Basically I added a dead-man switch. I put an xt-60 panel mount on my battery case (connected to the negative wire coming from the battery) and a long piece of thin cord attached to the xt-60 loop. the other end of the cord simply goes up to my right wrist which happens to be holding the nunchuck. The idea is if the nunchuck goes crazy and decides to go full throttle I simply pull up my hand and all power is shut off. It works perfectly and after about 3.5 seconds I usually forget about the cord.

So why the title of this thread? Since the cord really has no bearing on my enjoyment of riding my eboard, why can’t we just make a controller that is WIRED? It seems like it would be fairly cheap and rock solid. Any thoughts? I know the idea of wired is taboo for some, but it’s been my experience that the wire disappears after a moment.

Below are two pics to illustrate my setup. Super Simple and Super Cheap.


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I kind of made a wired solution a couple months ago using a normal nunchuck, because I needed a backup solution in case I couldn’t use the Nyko Kama. I just took a wired nunchuck, cut the cord and extended it using 4 separate wires. I don’t exactly know how much longer I made it, but it reaches a pretty good distance. It also felt more responsive than the Kama. Here’s a photo:

@lilracerboi this is exactly what I’m talking about! Please elaborate!

how did it work?

what does it connect to?


Did you use a wiiciever?

Yes, I used and am still using the Wiiceiver.

Since the Nyko Kama or other solutions are really just nunchucks, but wireless, the original wired one should work just fine.

So after several PM’s with @lilracerboi (thanks for your patience!) it seems like a wired standard wii remote will work. I think I just have to replace the four wires from the Nyko Kama receiver that are currently connected to the VESC with the four wires from the wired nunchuck.

Anyone here have any objections to this wiring?


So the new wired nunchuck came in and after a little while of wiring it works like a champ! Big thanks to @lilracerboi for his input on this project.

The wired nunchuck works perfect and has a perfect length, I don’t need to lean over I just hold my right hand low and viola.


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It’s great to hear it works!

I tested mine out again and it is 10x better than using a wireless nunchuck, in terms of functionality, but I still use the wireless one for convenience.

I thought it was a well known fact that you can use a wired nunchuck.
I used a wired chuck during initial testing of my prototype board. It worked fine but I didn’t like the cord dangling and getting in the way.

Well it’s definitely a fact but not a very well known one. Only one person responded when the question was posed. I might still end up with a bad wolf conversion, but for now I really like the wired nunchuck.