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Idea of controller nunchuck

What do you guys think of a controller with scrolling wheel like on a mouse? I think this will make the controller feel more natural, controlling is more intuitive. Boosted board controller has a wheel but i dont how it work cause i dont own a BB.

So here is what I think :
Start off: scroll up after connection made(BT maybe).
Acceleration : keep scrolling up till max speed.(depend on how fast u scroll).
Deceleration: scroll down.
Cruising : let go ur thumb at desired speed.
Brake : brake button.
Go backward: stationary then scroll down

Do you think this is better than joystick controller(nunchuck).
Do you guys know anywhere that sell a controller like this (has the wheel)?

p/s: I’m building my first eboard. I have a tight budget. So advice are welcomed. Thanks

The problem is that in case of an emergency and you drop or let go of the wheel, the board will continue. It would need to spring back to neutral

Awwwee maybe I didn’t think this through :unamused:

And, you need the ability to apply brakes gradually just like the throttle. A brake button would not work.
Here is a good controller for cheap. And you can use either the trigger or the wheel for throttle/brake

I really like the nunchuck toggle. I prefer it to a trigger type of thing. What would be really cool would be to start using the x-axis to slow down the left and right motors for compensated turning with the VESCs. That would be awesome.