Ideal deck length?

Hi there guys, I recently introduced myself in the welcome post, I wanted to ask something that’s been partially answered in previous posts but not directly. I wanna remove as much weight as possible from my e-board and I thought the main staring point would be reducing the deck length and probably it’s wood layers. I have a Riviera Amanda Powell Ursa Major, 38.44" x 9.75", 8 Ply Maple.

What’s your ideal length? Cause I tested building it with a skate deck and it felt wildly unstable, the front wheels felt like they were flying, and then when I stopped giving throtlle (without braking) I lost control of the board, fell and really hurt myself:

So I guess it shouldn’t be too short either, lol.

I was thinking of maybe getting a 36" deck, I’d like your oppinion on that, the main objective is for it to be easy to carry, the ideal weight of the whole system would be less than 12 pounds.


Very good question, I ordered the space cell pro 4 and am looking now for a deck that is easy carryable, and not too long.

These were some decks i bookmarked. Opinions are welcome ! Looking for 80-90 cm board, with cruiser style shape, 60+cm wheelbase I’m 1m93 so I also need a big area to stand. = drops & small ends are not what i’m looking for. (this one has a drop at the nose, you lose space…) (like this shape) (like the wood)

What board would you take ? Other boards I should look at

PS I don’t try to hijack this thread but it’s quite similar…

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I recently cut a 40 inch deck, thinking it wouldn’t be too big, but yet it was. I have a small cruiser deck that’s 27 inches. It’s almost perfect, but too short to fit things. So my next deck I cut out is either gonna be 35 inches or 38, around that area, sweet spot in my opinion.

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Haha no problem, my gut tells me this one’s the coolest from the ones you posted: It’s the nicest and 89cm would seem right, but let’s wait for pro guys to answer.

Length and width affects the handling for sure, but weight is from the other stuff on the board, especially those huge 83mm wheels I have. I’m using a 29x9" deck right now, but I don’t plan on going fast and portability trumps everything on this build.

Go to Zumies or Industrial if you’re in the USA and stand on a few decks to check out wheelbase.

My ideal length should be. grabbing the trucks from my board and letting my arm hang straight down. The board should not touch the ground. This way, even when the board is heavy. It should still be easy enough to carry for some distance


Yes, that logic is pretty good, I agree. It can be uncomfortable when you have to carry it horizontally.

@exnor personally, I wouldn’t go any shorter than about a 50cm (~20") wheelbase for stability. I like kick tails, and my 30" & 37" decks are working nicely for me. As for carrying the board, I’m a big fan of a carry handle so you can carry it horizontally.

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i made a video that talks about deck selection, i might help you

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I feel like 1 meter (give or take based on shape) is just right and I’m 1.79m tall, just under 60kg.

Inventory: 40% - 38" Decks 20% - 40" Deck 20% - 30" Deck w/ Kicktail (Never really used, just pretty to look at) 20% - 42" Deck

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Your height plays a role on what deck will fit you best, but I personally prefer to get the shortest deck possible for portability and a tighter turning radius. One of my boards is the 38" Landyahtz Switchblade with a 29" wheelbase and the other is a 35" Funbox Suzie Slide Through with a 28" wheelbase.

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Thanks Jason, it clarified a couple things, my main concern now is weight, I will buy the shortest one possible in which my stuff fits, with some flex and will make custom split enclosures near each truck :smiley:

Cool, yeah me too, which one do you prefer then? The 35"?

Mine is 98cm and feels kinda too long, idk, would like something lighter, maybe 35, 36 inches.

Right now I’m working on a wide and short but portable design for an e-board. Drew it out on wood and will hopefully be cutting in the next few days. It’s a 27" by 9" board, will be dual layer with a partial hole to allow storage of slimmer electronics. 4 ply on each layer, pine and maple build to allow for maximum stiffness. If the test-build is successful, I will be offering the deck on the esk8 market website.


Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I like the way the landyachtz locks your feet in, but it’s a double drop, so I have to under mount the trucks to get enough battery clearance. It’s a slight bit heavier, but it’s a solid, stiff board. I’m thinking of trimming down the ends to make it shorter.

I can mount drop through trucks on the Funbox, so I get a slimmer profile by about 3/4" which is nice. The platform is a little smaller and without the drop, it doesn’t lock your feet in as well. I’m planning on mounting a Tailbone on the top of each end of the platform to lock my feet in better. It has a slight bit of flex which is nice for long rides. Being a few inches shorter is nice too.

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That’s cool, I’d like a follow up post on how that goes, isn’t 27"" too short though? Skate decks are like 31" right?

Yes 27" is extremely short but my main goal for this deck is portability. If all goes well I’ll keep one for myself and use it as a portable esk8 when I go on exchange in Germany this year. I can update everyone as progress continues. This is the kind of deck that would be ideal as a carry-on item

Yes, I hope it’s not super unstable like when I mounted everything in the skate deck, do tell me later!

For the first trial deck I’m planning on using these wheels:

Should help with stability

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