Ideas for finding 10mm D pulleys?

I am trying to find some 16T, 17T and 18T 10mm D shaped motor pulleys and I am having a hellllla a time doing so. Any idea who sells these things? All I can find are 15T which puts me at like a 5.0 gear ratio which is too low.

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Any objection to using a grub screw and some blue loctite? That kind of setup does work on a shaft with a pre-ground flat.

I think the issue with the first Amazon link you provided is that the pulley is too long. I think normal round pulleys are meant for 30mm long motor shafts where as D pulleys are meant for something like 22mm. So in short, the d shaped shafts are shorter than the round shaped ones, which means the pulley cant be as long. If you look at a D pulley vs a round one, the D pulley is only the length of the belt (16mm) whereas the round pulley has the additional collar on the end which makes the entire pulley wider.

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Good point. I’ll have a look at this site too:
What you’re looking for should be out there. Its not like standard sized belt pulleys are unobtanium. Just so we’re on the same page whats your belt spec?

As being that guy who has actually used that pulley on d-shaft motors, I object this with extreme experience of how awful it is in being secured to the d shaft of the motors. It makes a bad clicking sound when you hit the brakes really hard in emergencies. 0/10. I used a dremel to make the hole itself.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

The L faster pulley fits well on d shaft pulleys, it’s just a huge pain to get it perfect and not experienced what I had to go through…


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15mm belt.

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