Ideas for routing sensor wires?

Hi there, I’m thinking to improve my build again, this time I would like to make the battery recession and routing phase and sensor wires. For the phase I was thinking to use the truck risers solution, but I don’t see clear enough how to do it nicely with the sensor wires. I hope you guys have a nice idea!! And nice day also btw.

how about this? It has 8 slots so 6 phase wires and 2 for sensor wires

Oh that’s nice! Actually I did see that picture today, but not this detail! Thanks @Martinsp And now just need to know where are they @SilentException did you make them? Or is just a render?

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it’s a file on thingiverse

search “cable riser”

Thanks man!! I love this forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


do you guys know if there is a wedge riser version around with wire routing?

The risers I printed are these

Very awesome model. I have printed them at home using Nylon before but in order to reach the quality as it is on the picture, you need the help of Shapeways. Their room-size 3D printers and materials are something else. They turned out pretty nice :slight_smile:


How did your nylon ones turn out? I’ve been thinking of printing these in PETG and seeing how that goes.

Does anyone in the states sell a riser with the phase lead barrel connectors with wire built in?

I think the esk8fr France (Unik) guys sell one…maybe @longhairedboy has them?

Well, I broke few PETG risers (not like these, regular ones). The forces and vibration is just too much I guess. The Nylon printed eRisers turned out half-decent. They are not that nice to look at, it is not the best print but the nylon seems to be much more resilient. Not easy finding good settings for nylon.

You can order riesers printed from Shapeways in the US, no problem.

You can order phase wires with UNiK risers but those don’t have place for sensor wires.

The phase wires are easy to make. You just need the right kind of bullet connectors.


And you solder the wire in 90 degrees.

i printed these in PETG and have yet to test… but the prints look good imo and feel solid

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