Ideas for snowboarding, anyone?

Hey guys

I am going to Austria to snowboard / ski in a couple of weeks from now, and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on how to make the trip more “electric”. I have been thinking about bringing my fpv drone and airplane for some cool videos, but I am a bit nervous that I might crash them due to the LiPo batteries running dead faster in the cold wearher. I have also wondered if it would be possible to build an e-snowboard. I have seen that “The Hacksmith” on YouTube (Watch here or below) has build one with some EDFs but it does not seem ideal. Any other ideas?

I just googled some more and found this thing. It looks awesome. I might try to build something similar. I wonder where I can find some of those tires though…

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And this seems too complicated

Make a track that attaches to the bottom of your board that you can take off once you get to the top. No more waiting in chairlift lines!

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Maybe some sort of paddle boat design would work?