Ideas to install temp sensor in hub motors

Hi there, I have a raptor 2 and the motors gets hot, not much because I keep an eye on them, usually it can go around 60+ not much more, I know they are prepared to go much higher but I like to keep them healthy. As far I as know has the option to monitor motor temp, maybe some friendly builder wants to give me some tips about 5 how to mount and connect the temp sensor?

Bump! Any tips?

Install (glue) a thermistor somewhere to the blue thingy or as close as possible to the stator? Then use an arduino or rasp pi for temp logging. Not sure if this is the greatest idea and you would need to disassemble the motor? I assume you would like to measure the temperature inside the motor?

I am not familiar with hubs, but do they have sensors and does the sensor circuit board has a temp sensor on it? image

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what temp are those motors able to get to?

No idea, I suppose like any another good quality motor, nothing special here.

This is how it looks like when you get the housing off. There isn’t a lot of space but then again a sensor is also tiny :slight_smile: