Identification and help needed

Guys, I has been given this longboard without battery and remote. It is in not very well condition but most important thing I don’t know what model it is. I’m wondering if anyone had similar board or electronics from it. Is any chance to buy remote and bind with this board? or buy universal one with receiver from China and try to wire it removing the old one? Any help appreciatted :slight_smile:

Probably not worth salvaging. You can take a look at Altered Skateboards…they use to use similar electronics.

@Michaelinvegas thanks for reply. Not great news but anyway i’ll try to bring it back to life :slight_smile:

Good luck

This is what I ended up doing with a similar board over two years ago. Don’t drive yourself nuts trying to get it working…lol…its a money pit if you don’t have the other stuff you can use laying around

I’ve got a few 3s 6000 lipo packs, tx/rx 2.4ghz and all needed bits :slight_smile: so i’ll try without spending even £1. If it will work i’ll buy proper battery pack and dedicated remote. it will be nice summer project.

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