Identity Crisis - Hybrid Class | Trampa Urban Carver | 10S Lipo + BMS | VESC | 200kv single motor | motorcycle lights

After seeing so many gorgeous builds on the forum, I figured I’d post the one I just finished putting together!

  • 15 ply Trampa Urban Carver board with 7" Innova tires
  • U.K. 408 Ultrabox holding 10s Flightmax Lipos with Supower BMS, 60A J Case GM Car fuse, and XT 90S loop key
  • This feeds an Ollin VESC and 200kv 6085 motor
  • 13/66 gearing
  • 10W 1800 Lumen each headlight and tail light
  • RC remote from one of my old cars

I wasn’t crazy about bindings since I’m primarily riding in a city environment (albeit with bad pavement), so I secured my cabling via zip ties along the side of the board. This is still inside the wheelbase, so I’m not too concerned about curb rash or anything.

After a bit of ride time on it, I’m so happy with how it rides and handles, the Trampa trucks feel so good while carving and are still stable at higher speeds (30km/h for me).

Big thanks to @trampa and @rich for the advice they’ve given me!

Without further ado,

New Trampa Urban Carver board

Motorcycle headlight

10S flightmax Lipos wrapped in insulating rubber. Supower BMS. J Case fuse. Messy wiring :stuck_out_tongue:

Loop key, light toggles, XLR charge port, voltage display

0-60V to 12V buck converter, Ollin VESC

Ollin 200kv motor

I have a smaller buck converter coming in the mail. That will give the VESC some more room, but in the mean time the big one works great.

I’d also like to build my own Li-ion pack at some point, I’ve had a Lipo vent on me before and it was quite an unsettling experience, so now I’m a bit paranoid about this bomb between my feet.

Hope you all enjoy. I’m happy to answer any questions.


love those, look like aircraft switches :slight_smile: is it possible to put these?

Yes you can. Those you post are the same switches but with a cover. However the ones he is using are much smaller than the ones intended for that flip covers. If however toy have the space its fine. If someone is asking. You cannot use them by themselves to power on the board

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@krloz is correct. The toggles on my board are mini toggle switches. I saw those with the covers at the store as well, but they were too big. If you have the room they’d work fine. But keep in mind they are only for lights or other accessories, you need anti-spark equipment (loop key or anti-spark switch) for main power.

Nice build, man! Good idea the way you route the cables. Did you screw or velcro the cases? The case in the back looks very close to the motor mount/pulley, can it touch on full tilt? Personally I would feel better if the BMS would be insulated just in case a cable or connector get loose. Nice idler pulleys, are they mounted with a shoulder bolt? BTW two of your wheels have the valve inside :laughing:

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Thanks Rich! I’m quite pleased with the cable routing, they don’t get in the way of my feet at all and still have room to flex.

The battery case is velcro and a strap, the back case has the truck bolts through it. I was worried about the back case too because the clearance looks so tight! But it ended up being just fine, there’s still about an inch at full tilt before it touches.

I was worried about the BMS too, I have a smaller one that just came in the mail that’ll get swapped out (charge only). it will get wrapped in the cambric insulation I have and will all fit much nicer.

Lol the idler pulley, I actually used one of the 4 bolts from the trampa motor axle support/guard! I used a short bolt for that motor thread then used the bolt and sleeve for the idler pulley, that’s why the cap on the motor axle only has 3 bolts :stuck_out_tongue: seems to work well, that little bit of extra belt on the pinion helps quite a bit since its only a 13 tooth.

And those valve stems, I wanted to put them all on the inside so they don’t hit anything, but of course you can’t do that with the wheel pulley, oh well :laughing:

Why the 60A fuse? If you’re using the BMS for discharge too, the BMS should already have an amp limit.

I’m actually using the BMS for charge only since last time I used it I was having some weird problems with regen braking. The fuse is good for controlling shorts too (which I hope it never has to do!)

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