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If I buy a 40A charger, I'll need at least a 40A supply to utilize that capacity, correct?

40a will get me a 12 minute charge time, but also right now theres a sale for a 25a, which gets me under 30 minutes, but Im assuming Id need a 25a supply to utilize the charges full capacity, right?

Since your probably on a 120V supply, you won’t need a 40A supply per say, a 40A charger at 37V is 1480W, which would be 12A from the wall (1480/120) Only a rough estimate due to AC-DC conversion.

What kind of battery are you looking to charge? Another thing to consider is that while you could get a 40 amp charger, that may damage your battery. You should only be charging at around 1C or less.

Its a Zippy 8000mah 6s, max charging rate appears to be 5c, but right now there is a great sale on a 25A charger/balancer for just $30 compared to the $100+ 40A.

So should I be looking for the wattage, rather than the amps regarding the charger/supply relationship? I’d like the 40A charger if its possible since I’m gonna be running 2 batteries and don’t want to have to stop so much. How can I figure out what the right supply would be?

This Turnigy 1000w 40A charger is what I’m looking at, so far I’ve found some second hand sources as far as what kind of supply I’d need. It looks like I’d need 1000w supply according to another forum.

I would not charge lipos at 5C

maybe 2C

My battery is rated for 5C, should I not trust the brand? I’m probably going to end up charging at 3C since its much cheaper and still under the longest I can tolerate waiting to charge.

Charging at more than 1c will generally significantly reduce the lifespan of your batteries, the max charge rate they specify is the limit where the batteries don’t just blow up in your face. Kinda.

dang, it really seems like we can’t win as far as getting a 20mph top speed and 25 - 30 mile range without a massive charging time.

Sad but true with the current generation of batteries.
It could change in a few years with new technologies coming up.

Charger your Park ay 1C it will take you 1hr
You can Get 2 of this for the 1000 W