If one weren't paying for the batteries... VT6 or 30Q or...?

So I convinced my boss that she wants to give me a bonus. I told her “about 200 ish” (GBP) and that was apparently fine. So despite doing a lot of benchmark research, mostly on eCigarette forums, I have concluded that 30Q or VT6 seem to be testing the best if you want Lithium Ion and you are limited to 5p due to size but need 80A burst.

That all being said, https://ru.nkon.nl/rechargeable/18650-size/sony-us18650vtc6.html that website is suggested here and abouts as being trust worthy, and supposedly not selling fakes. The specs they publish for the batteries seem to possibly be rubbish though, or at least dont tally with the testing people do. Do the VT6’s really have 30A vs just 15A for 30Q? Those are both the advertised numbers on that website, but I trust rather more the benchmarking done by the vaping guys who find that 20/21A is a sensible figure for both.

My only doubt would come from the fact that most of the research on those was done in the middle of last year and things do change. The VT6’s don’t actually have newer, production techniques resulting in half the internal resistance since the vaping guys did testing 12 months ago do they? Is that possible?