If you are interested in fuse wires

I learned to always make sure that there is no stress on the fuse wire and secure the cells with silicone and kapton tape if possible. And the perfect advice which wire gauge is required depends a lot on the length of the fuse and material that is conducting the heat around it. Here you have what I was looking at. Obviously this forum: like here and I learned a lot from this youtuber and here a real world test for 30 awg wire which is probably too thin for most esk8s. So between 28-24 is ideal in my opinion even though I haven’t built my pack yet. short wire = fusing at more amps.(A lot of heatdisapation, if I understand it correctly.) I will go for 26 awg with my 30q(15A max.) I think, any suggestion is appreciated! (12s4p)


The original cell fuse threads (from @chaka ) are also very interesting … even if they do not clearly answer the awg question :