If you could have the perfect ESK8 Deck?

Hi this is my first post I have been lurking for quite a while! .Full disclosure I own and run Solo longboards #sololonboards on instagram and I produce the Carbon 6 Composite eSk8 decks for Slick Revolution, in my small yet very well equipped unit here in sunny old England. I make and ship products all over the world.

My Idea is to produce a skate deck or decks specifically for the E Skate DIYers this could be in the form of a complete deck or just a preformed blank that you could cut and shape yourself, the unique attribute would be features like a zone for battery packs, tailored flex or no flex integrated wiring, complimentary battery case etc etc etc. let me know what you guys would like to see and I will take the time to develop a mold and produce some at the best price i can. It can be from any material as i make both Maple and composite products, currently Maple is cheap but expensive to ship as its heavy, Carbon is light but expensive to make, the solution could be composite as i do know you guys love to hack holes in your decks in the perpetual quest for a sleek battery case and deck design. Dunno let me know?



Out of random - do you have any ideas for ‘‘foldable’’ decks for transport on airplanes? :smiley:

Preferably - max lenght 50cm (~20in) so I assume deck should fold in half or have ‘‘linky’’ type mechanism to become shorter or longer…

Not saying gonna order one… just something I have not seen widely available around :slight_smile:

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Would love a big ole downhill style stiff deck with a battery cutout and channels for mounting wires. Yes plz!

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In the kite board market they are called split boards designed to be packed up small. Could be done super expensive and durability could be an issue check out http://nobilekiteboarding.com/products/nhp-split.html

What dimensions 90 cm ish x 23 cm ish flat or half drop? Its hard to figure out what is a common battery pack dimension any comments welcome?

The system for these boards is sure interesting… not very bulky at all and durable… Cost is probably more because of the material of these boards I think… as it looks like the regular one could cost quite a lot already :slight_smile: not to mention the Split Board/.

Thanks for showing non the less :slight_smile:

Brother you just opened a can of worms :grinning:. You’ll get a thousand things people want.

Personally this what I’d like to see…

  1. Stiff deck, preferably 34 to 37 inches.
  2. Composite with CF or other stiff material on the bottom with matching enclosure.
  3. 20x6 inch cutout with a top lip for a lid, maybe split if that would substantially increase stiffness.
  4. LHB @longhairedboy style wire channels for dual drive (3 + sensor wire in each side of the truck).
  5. A freekin handle! So hard to do in a wood deck with a large enclosure.

Good luck.


Same as above, but I do kinda like asymmetrical decks. Also definitely large wheelbase and ability to accommodate large wheels.

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Thanks for your comments, yeah more worms than you can shake a stick at lol. Seems to me the over riding issue is a neat battery pack case and battery/deck interface, composite allows us to heavily router out channels and then put back the stiffness with glass or carbon, S glass is as strong as Carbon and 1/3 the price hence you dont see many carbon decks but carbon is nice to work with. a nice concave deck carbon base with complimentary case. As the base would be skinned tubes could be inserted for wire conduits.

If i made a universal blank you can cut it what ever shape you want. out of a blank profile you can make many kinds of decks. Composite you can make as stiff or slack as you want.

That’s a beautiful idea, I’d buy that. The only thing I would add is about the concave.

I bought a landyachts top speed 36 a couple of weeks ago and I’m totally in love with the W concave. It would be hard to go back to a standard 3/8s concave at this point. If you offered different concave types and/or depths I think you would find people attracted to that.

I can’t calculate that on my phone, but I’m inches I would say 33 to 37 length, 7.5 to 9.t width, no drop. Just my opinion, I’m not a fan of drop-through trucks or drop decks.

Yeah i just finished a W concave for a downhill racer @scotstone313 the W makes the deck Super stiff , a bitch to get the mold geometry right but i already have the mold

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F**K yeah, that’s awesome!

You ever see the Landyachtz Triple Beam? That may be the most beautiful deck I’ve ever seen. With a W concave and a method for electronics and battery storage it would be unbeatable. Would prolly cost 10 grand, but you know, we can dream :grinning:.


My W cave 42"


its quite an aggressive shape the w is quite central and flattens out towards the trucks to give you 2 foot zones it cuts well into asymmetrical and symmetrical shapes but it has no kick. This one I make would cut into several patterns.


I kinda like flashy ones like the Madrid anvil or neversummer el jefe, and the bliss rapture.

with a jig saw and a bit of patience you can cut it into anything. this is what a blank looks like

it has all the profile concave etc i make a master template then cut it out. a bit of sanding and Boom.

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That’s a pretty deck. I like the idea of a kicktail, but I wouldn’t use it on a powered board other than to change its direction when I’m not in the board…As in being lazy and not bending over :grinning:. Most really good powered boards typically don’t have a kicktail.

I built a Santa Cruz double kick board a while back and it was more of a hindrance than anything, too much loss of religion wastage and wheel base.

Yeah its kind of what I am thinking off but the cavity would accept a batter case so overall a lower profile