If you had unlimited money to buy a board

What would you get?

I’d most likely get the same deck I have (a fresh new one) and some dual carvon Evo motors. I actually like the slim battery pack I have now so I’d keep that. I’d put those big skate wheels I’ve been trying to fit on mine and get either @longhairedboy or @psychotiller to make it all nice and pretty. Split carbon fiber enclosures with the cables nicely hidden. I’d have a built in handle in the deck. Lights that work with the remote, but I like how my remote feels in hand so it would be cool if I could make it work with the same one. I’d have purple neon under the deck, bright headlights and tail lights. Of course all my random stickers underneath because it’s a skateboard…

I geuss I’d get 2 focboxes, although I haven’t had any issues with these rock solid parts that were gifted to me. Maybe some type of horn built into the remote, although I don’t know what would alert a driver that’s not paying attention.

Last but not least, I would finish it all off with the greatest griptape that anyone has ever seen. It will be 1 that doesn’t care about color, but instead puts them together like, like a rainbow. And nice cuddly animals like ponies and… A panda! And it would be the most peaceful, happy board out there. Believe it or not, that pony griptape boosts more attributes than you think.


I would buy a couple hundred Carvon EVOs, sell them all, buy Enertion off of Jason, with that money, buy a few hundred Baja boards, resell them, expand my business, become a global esk8 conglomerate, start up a dedicated US esk8 factory, hire a couple thousand workers, then have a few big-name rappers market my board, become a household name, and therefore, own the market.

Im strictly business here :wink:


:joy::joy::joy:. OK Dr Dre


I’m drooling over @treenutter’s boards.

Damn. A gloss black bludgeon with channels routed out of the bottom to accommodate 12 of @kaly’s 4p PCB’s loaded with 30Q’s, all tied together with some VESC6 derivative hardware and a DieBie BMS. A slim @bigben enclosure to hide it all.

Some Carvon’s with ABEC 107’s and I’m set.

Let’s not forget the @mastercho GT2B remote.

Dead sexy and clean AF.


I wish there was an easier way to see peoples specific builds. I’m having a hard time finding @treenutter builds.


@treenutter has a deck company. I don’t think they build boards, that I’m aware of anyway


I will get the Witchblade from gatorman (hopefully bringing him out of welfare); one carbon jewel totally handcrafted from the Unconformist straight from the land of the Roosters, the Croissants and Ratatuille; and one resin and carbon LDP longboard beauty from 1166 Longboards also from Germania. Sprachen sie Deutch someone?


wouldnt buy a finished one but loads of stuff to build my dream board.

4WD Trampa deck,pneumatics,30AH battery in super small size somehow… and a normal cruiser dual motors,10s6p 30q vesc6 on both, and some cool griptape and lights


Honestly I haven’t been holding back much with my current Boosted Clone build.

When my current hubs shit the bed I will probably try to get my hands on a set of Carvons, but that’s it really.

only things I really want to add on my board are… vicious grip some real 97’s surfrods tkps with @psychotiller mounts

(general response)

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I would make a custom made Boosted Board clone cruiser with dual 6355 Eboosted enclousers (Been wanting them for a damn long time but i always find an issue i have to sort out before i can buy them :()

10s3p battery pack, antispark switch Loaded Vanguard Jessup griptape griptape + some other for that 2 tone design.

Kegel 80a, and some nice mounts from any company that makes for Caliber II.

And a firefly remote.

I would build a gigantic powerplant and some wardenclyffe towers. Then i would remove the batterys from my boards. Weight saving ya know;)

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My board will be a foldable board with integrated battery holder(12s6p 21700 / as much as possible) and with handle in between the hinge Also carvon exo with suspension baseplate At wheels that has internal gearbox for carvon exo Vesc7s if that ever comes out

The board I’m building now is half way there😂

Oh and why not turn frictional stuff into real life, like actual hoverboards, flying cars, dark matter drive, or gn drives haha

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all boards sound fantastic, but what happens when you blow em up like your affordable board you already have and now have to find someone to fix it if you are unable. Which might mean sending it off somewhere. Id trade all my boards in for a Local E-Board Wizard shop… cause lets face it… we MAX everything out; power, stereo volumes, spaces, money.etc.

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@akhlut @Sapphirinia @b264 thx for the mention, I’m feeling the love! Yes, I design, build, and sell custom decks for esk8. The feed is redemberboads on IG. I don’t sell complete esk8s, but of course I have my own personal DIY builds.

There are a handful here on the forum search for “red ember”

:slight_smile: Technically it is a company but for the sake of transparency: It’s only me in my small shop designing and building decks I love. A one-person show!


Boards are cheap in the grand scheme of things…

Just buy what you want when you want it…


I think our answers depend on our mission(s). :slight_smile:

¡Conquistadores Urbanos!:

Monterey Pub Run:

Pro tip: realtors can feel uncomfortable when you ask them to drive ahead and clear traffic so one can esk8 to their listings :sweat_smile:


Tip of the Century :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl:


I’d build a 4wd carvon XL build with 4 focbox and a 12s6p 30q cells ,with a landyatch evo deck and abec 107’s wink wink totally not building this rn