If you had unlimited money to make a board

Ye as the topic says. If you would build a new board from scratch, which parts would you use? Battery, motor, vesc, trucks etc?

Would be awesome to see what’s out there and what people actually would buy if they weren’t restricted to their budget.


Can’t really tell. For me the thrill behind building my own eskate is to make the best possible product whilst trying to spend only a certain amount of money.

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There are a lot of parts, which in my opinion, has not been ‘‘invented’’ for mass market sale yet…

(Mainly for e-mountainboard use)

Some of these:

  • Fenders (mud flaps)
  • Handle with an ‘‘extension’’ (like travel luggages)
  • More customized wattmeters/coulometers
  • ESC similar to vesc but with higher current capabilities… (vesc 6?)
  • Trucks which act more like a car steering… no relying on springs or urethane.

Sorry for taking this from a different angle :smiley:

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4wd Sensored Hybrid mode Sk3 190kv 6374 12s10p with some 30q or some other super high capacity cell V6 vescs or vesc x Direct drive w/helical gears

That’s the main stuff…

Anyone wanna fund my next mountain board? Lol


Budget? What’s that?


If i had the money and skills for one ultimate/dream board… direct 4WD Trampa 35HolyPro or MBS pro100 with a custom foot trigger mech "NO RC look Mum no hands :smile: " the breaking and acceleration would be done by back foot heel pressure/postion…and maybe a long range backpack/power supply system with a power cable that attaches/connects to the board by magnetic breakaway/connect.


That is what I would do if I was going for a new build. Actually does anyone want a board with skike pneumatics :smiley:


That one looks sick!

Unlimited huh lol!

First off totally redesign the trucks into a positraction deferential.


Definitely a powerful motor with a remote controlled high / low 2 speed transfer case.


Wile money is unlimited I think for a 150 million dollars we could build a factory to mass-produce them for about $2999 each


First I’d contract someone to get the earths most powerful magnets in order to make super powerful hub motors that are also small and light. Then I’d hire a professional to teach me how to make things out of graphene. Then, using my newly acquired skills I’d make a graphene deck and trucks. After that give Vedder a billion dollars so he can finish the VESC 6.0. Then I’d hire someone to make me a Batsuit so I can sneak into Tesla’s Gigafactory and steal their new 2170 cells.

I’ve got it all figured out. :sunglasses:


Why vescx? Wouldn’t the ollin board direct vesc be better?

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Seems silly how you use graphene for trucks, and still use basic lion batteries, at least get cutting edge graphene batteries or super capacitors

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Evolve gt set up power by enertion. Some day !

If i had umlimited funds i would just like to finish a board. Then probably help @NickTheDude get them new batteries lol

Hey guys can someone lend @smurf $150 million, I’m sure he’s good for it.