If you ordered a FocBox from me, I have some news


They’re on their way to me now. Enough to cover my backorders and a few extra. I’m going to re-up immediately when they get here.

The streets will flow with the focboxes of the people.

Also my motors mounts are back in stock with some slight modifications. I’m updating the site now.


Do you know what # they will go up to because am 1548x don’t think I made It

I honestly have no idea, man. Sorry.

Given that his order is 16xxx, we should have been covered…

I just contacted support and they said it would be shipped by next Friday. Just like the previous 10 or so weeks. #155xx

Sorry to derail your thread lhb

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i’m pretty sure they mentioned that vendors were being prioritized at some point, so it doesn’t surprise me that a 16xxx shipped before a 15xxx. The probably just got the shit they needed to shove them out and now they’re figuring out how to serve the most people at once, which would logically result in getting them to the distributors first making it more likely that consumers begin receiving them at approximately the same time.



I AM the us agent, and I have not received stock.

There seems to be some temporal distortion on their part. Perhaps living 17 hours in the future is causing some kind of issue in perception. I only got the shipment notification 8 hours ago. DHL is fast, but that’s Amazon fast. For example, I ordered a 16port unmanaged switch yesterday mornign and got it yesterday evening.


so now they’re straight up lying to us?

not even bending the truth anymore, just straight up lies. wow.


I thought my message was a little funny with regard to yours…

I can imagine this going down in the warehouse: Peasant: Sir we have 500 orders ready to ship! Boss: We just got a vendor order, ship them all to him. Peasant: But sir, they have been waiting 3 months… and we still have another 500 orders still waiting. Boss: Do as I say peasant or feel my wrath! 2 months later… LHB gets all our focboxes



I ordered a Nano-X on Cyber Monday, and it came from Street Wing today. So it looks like the local vendors are doing some of the distribution.

i need them all for my robot army. Ruling the world with an iron fist is a lot of work, you know. It takes robots.

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also i don’t sell the nano-x so i have no idea what they’re talking about there.

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Interesting… So my cyber monday order will be filled by you? This is all pretty damn confusing.

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enertion is seriously just digging themselves into a really, really deep hole…

i don’t foresee a very long or fruitful future for them with these kind of blatant lies and delays. they’re just making it harder and harder for themselves to expand and grow. if they somehow end up expanding through some sort of miracle they will crash and burn if they ever try to pull this type of shit as a large, mainstream business


no. I’m not servicing cyber monday orders that were made directly from enertion.

That would be like if somebody stole money directly out of my wallet by making me pay a certain price for some gadget then selling them to my customers directly at a cut rate and then asking me to help fulfill all their orders.

well… i say it would be LIKE that… but it literally would be that, because that’s literally what happened.

undercutting us could also be part of the reason the certified resellers could be getting the parts earlier than the direct customers. Since… you know… they burned us at a really bad time to get burned.


That was my take on it to. It would be royally fucked for you to fill orders that undercut your business.

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didn’t you still have to pay full price for the vendor deal while they sold them individually for $60 off?

oh wait that’s what you and @Sender meant when you said undercutting your business :rofl:

Yes. My price was, and is, far higher then the fire sale price. Everyone’s is. Nobody is paying below $120 for these things, and a lot of us are having to value-add because people are still buying direct from Australia at a higher price which makes almost no sense at all.

i mean come on. $165 US plus shipping from australia and your stuck with anemic phase lead conectors after you wait two weeks for it to get to the US from Oz.

For $165 i’m giving you a 5.5mm bullet upgrade and it gets to you in three days ubn the US (if i have them in stock ffs) and $155 otherwise. I mean… why? lol


Ehy man, did you order before February? I can’t understand how they are organized since I thought the Chinese New year will delay everything, maybe is your batch coming directly from Enertion, Australia? Since I know they normally come from the chinese factory, and they are closed now…I’m pretty confused :thinking: