If you ordered a FocBox from me, I have some news

december was when i re-upped last, had two reups in december and november each. My bad, yeah they don’t actually ship from oz, they ship from china i think.


How does Enertion handle the RMA process with its vendors?

Im actually the US Agent guys. Damon got his Focboxes because he had no Nano-x in his order. No conspiracies going on here.

I just got a nano-x order right now of about 30 and there are going to be over a hundred or so in the next shipment. So I am handling the US distribution while production is on CNY. Long story short, orders

15842 16047 15786 15591 15524 15805 15874 15813 15320 15335 15336 15344 15389 15391 15406 15425 15444 15450 15451 15482 15485

Will ship tomorrow and the rest when the next shipment of nano x come in.


ohhh THAT kind of agent. I was conflating certified resellers and agents. Also, i kind of forget that you stole my job from me after i … sort of said i didn’t want it… and then gave it to you. because i didn’t want it. Thief!

my bad guys. I’m a total liar and generally a terrible person and should probably just street my face.

oh and i got mine because im BAD ASS not because of some nano-nonsense. Suuriously.


Any idea when that next shipment of nano-x is going to come in? Unfortunately, I don’t see my order number on that list.

Ooh…ok, thanks :relieved:

The next shipment of nano x has over 100 units and was shipped a while back. Unfortunately, the tracking is not live and I cant be sure when it will be in.

Ill update as soon as I know when they will be in, or if they just show up at my door step.

Rest assured, I ship quick. Always at MOST next day if its all in stock.

Sees That LongHaired Boy offers 5.5mm Focboxes , cries in shower

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I’m quite confused, that’s my order number from enertion. Are you shipping it for me? It’s a focbox and a nano x, does this mean it’s getting shipped tomorrow?

If it is, I am honored to have a piece of hardware touched by such an experienced battery builder. Please give it a kiss for me :slight_smile:


I have an order with 5 focbox and 1 charger, can I please just get my focbox and cancel the charger Order 15436 It’s insane I can’t get focbox due to a freaking charger


Ill look into it.

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I sure am! And I sure will!

Whats with the order numbers? How come they seem (or are) random?

That’s how my shipping list is. I don’t normally do distribution. I’m only doing it since the Chinese new year has sort of messed with order fulfillment . I’m just going top to bottom my friend

Gotcha, so they gave you a shipping list then? I’m just trying to understand. Thanks for helping out and talking to us!

Yes precisely. My pleasure.

@barajabali ayyeee not only do I pay u 1k for a battery but u get to be my lord and savior(15482)



10 char

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any idea when the wheels are coming in?

I know right? I just got my new shiney motors from @barajabali ! And now I am on the “Nice list” for my FOCBOXES and controllers. I just knew my order number wouldnt be there. Then BOOM, there it was! Yay!

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