If you ordered a FocBox from me, I have some news

Do I really deserve to get treated like a leper?


Hehe your spot is actually way down :yum:

Yeah it shows you on top for you only because you don’t show in the visible ranking :wink:


Actually, the charger is in stock, the fullfillment issues we are facing are predominantly due to the people who are/were responsible for warehousing and distribution.

Basically they are shit, we fired them, blah blah… Domino effect, our stock got locked down, legal action over ownership… no orders got shipped… fucking mess.

Anyway, the reason your not getting any help with your order is because you are using the esk8 builders forum to ask about your enertion order.

Go to the Enertionboards.com website, use the 24/7 chat feature.


Omg dude I’m about to post screenshots to every chat conversation i had on your damn site


@onloop Ive spoken to every support employee you have

Ok, sorry for this mess… Let me answer your question then.

No, we can’t ship you just FocBox. You need to wait until china is back from holiday and we will ship your order.

Hypothetically, If we split the order, which we really don’t like doing for multiple logistic and management reasons, there will be a separate freight charge. This also won’t get your order to you any quicker.

Finally, We can refund the order and you can place another order without the charger. But once again it’s not going to speed things up.

Hope this helps.

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It doesn’t at all

What would you like me to say?

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Send me 5 focbox, refund the charger, keep the money clip


I feel like you didn’t read what @onloop said :thinking: (i.e. China is closed because holidays)


There are focbox, I can’t get them because there’s a charger in my order


Im sorry, Can’t send you FocBox.

We finally got our hands on our stock, literally the day before China freight forwarding companies closed for February. We sent it out to fullfill orders that were just FocBox.

We simply couldn’t get orders with multiple items packed, we tried it was impossible.

The reasons it was impossible.

  1. Stock in different locations.
  2. No personal to pack it.
  3. China new year.

I can assure you we tried every trick in the book, but we failed.


So is he a leper or not? I’m confused

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We can’t ship it bro… Don’t have it.

I made every effort when you did, you guys have made no effort on my part. I have nothing else to say.

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Here are the options.

  1. Get a refund
  2. Wait.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything else that I can offer.

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I’ll take a refund+10% interest

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If you want a refund please message Customer service.

@longhairedboy mentioned that he has a few extra after back orders if you’re desperate for them like me.