If you still don't know this new VESC, now introduce 75V200A dual ESC Ubox from Spintend!

Hi, Friends I’m John Lee. I launched my new product Ubox(based on 75V/300A VESC) for some time, but still some builders don’t know it. One of my customer said “you come out from no where, but gladly you’re here in market” . Yes, I’m not here before. Now I’m here to do simple introduction of it . (if you already see this post in other forum, you can skip it ) Firstly I’m an electronic software engineer , I just integrated some features in VESC that many people may need in riding. Here is the product picture. 75v200A Ubox based on VESC and its perfect partner remote Uni1 The unique features are:

  1. Integrated 2.4ghz receiver and bluetooth in it. In this way, it will save more space and no much wirings.
  2. Be compatible with 75V/300A VESC firmware.
  3. Electronic on board CAN BUS Switch. You can turn on off it by button or by remote Uni1 control.
  4. Dedicate 12V output socket for horn and light and other extended function as user may need
  5. Reserve BMS port, support BMS data detection and monitor of each battery cell
  6. It has all other VESC features: FOC /BLDC mode, regenerative function…will not list here.
  7. It supports to be used in authentic vesc tool.

In order to be better fulfill Ubox designed function, I had to redesign a remote that can make all function available. Here is Uni1 remote picture. (Considering the supply of the remote case, I will consider to make my own)

Ubox partner Uni1 remote

If use the perfect partner Remote Uni1, can enjoy more functions as below.

1.Freely assign PPM or UART port to ESCA or ESCB.
2.Freely assign the Bluetooth function to ESCA or ESCB.
3.Auto powering-off time can be set in Remote Uni1.
4.You can change Momentary / Latching button.
5.Display BMS(each cell) data in remote.
6.Turn on/off can bus switch by remote

Quality and Trust

Now we shipped some to customers, you will see the test result soon, and we also send to do review if you have interest, you may get result from youtube.(lee wright) .

I’ve keeping tested the Ubox for almost 3 months.If you‘re not picky for video quality , you can have a glance at my test video Test Ubox with 16S battery The rated max current depends on the heat dissipation status.I don’t have extra budget to invest professional test equipment, but it at least can meet my needs now.

Price and Shipping

For better widely tested in market,we provide first 50pcs with 10% discount( it’s almost production cost price in selling) Early bird price: Ubox: 179USD , Ubox+Uni1 remote: 206USD

This is super low in market. I can’t afford more in such low price. Take the chance! NOW ONLY LEFT 15PCS for discount. Ship Fast! In stock Now! I will slightly increase the price in future for healthy development and production.(I have to hire people and rent factory office, If it’s proved to be accepted by more people)

As for warranty and your questions , you can refer to this Warranty Policy and FAQ

If you’re esk8 professional rider and youtuber, please contact me : [email protected] we’ll continue to send more for reviews! Thanks for your time!


Thank you , it seems this forum is not friendly to me. thanks for your reminds.

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