If you were to design an enclosure or encapsulated deck, what features would you want?

Considering building some custom enclosures out of fibreglass/carbon fibre and was wondering what features you lot would deem necessary.

Even better, what features would you like in an encapsulated deck ( you know, the ones with built in space fo all the bits). What deck type? Long/short, dropdown/dropthrough?

Inspire me!

Beer :beer: tap


I dig it. Trailer for a cask?

I’d love a 40’ deck that is designed with the enclosure as part of the board. The enclosure would be basically the whole width and length of the board, with the inside of the enclosure being like 40mm thick so we can at least double stack. It would be a double drop through board, with both ends being wedged/dewedged a few degrees. I reckon this would be the perfect board for 90% of esk8ers, would be great to have like a standard design everyone can work from

Sort of like a EVO style deck?

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Maybe using bamboo and flexing the initial deck around the enclosure itself so it’s seamless and hawt

Moonshine Rumrunner style deck.

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Yeah so Evo, but with Psychotiller’s enclosre built into the board at the manufacturing stage. We should be building enclosures big enough to fit anything anyone could possibly need: 12s5p, 2 FocBoxes, BT module, BMS

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Jet spud with integrated enclosure, single stacked 21700 for portability or similar to @NAF hyperbeast. And the best option would be not visible enclose like inboard m1, lou board, teamgee h9.

A red ember bludgeon (@treenutter) at 38x10in with a 40mm deep enclosure for double stack 12s, phase wire channels, recess and wire channels in the front for voltmeter and power switch, -10 degrees in front and +10 degrees in the back.

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My vote goes towards a top mount with kick tail. And make it wood/cork/fiberglass construction. I might be a minority though. Trends would suggest it…


No enclosure per say… i like the ollin board idea. Routered out the top then a aluminum top plate.