Illume V2 Headlight & Tailight set - $45.99 with esk8 discount

Hi all! The time has finally come for me to officially release the Illume Version 2 headlight and taillight with universal mounts.

First off I’d like to thank @anorak234 and @Dirt_Bag for helping me with prototype testing and product improvement! Their input was priceless from my standpoint as I can only do so much testing and getting the opinions of real users is super important.

This is a continuation of the previous topic I posted asking users what they wanted in a headlight and taillight for their boards; almost everything discussed was taken into account. The topic can be found here if you want to run through it to see the development process: shorter link

To summarize; community members wanted a durable, adjustable, and bright headlight that didn’t break the bank. I am hoping to deliver just that! The new mount for the headlight features adjustable elevation and depression (up/down) angles that requires no tools at all. It has also been beefed up and features a 100% infill base so wrenching down your truck bolts is not a concern. The upper section is also 100% infill to strengthen the mount and protect the headlight.

The taillight is a newly developed taillight to replace my old one which is no longer being manufactured. The taillight is much more sleek; lower to the board out of the way and features a super bright, single bar LED light made by Blitzu that looks super cool.

Finally, onto the good stuff!


Brightness: 320 lumens on max, 240 on medium, 180 on low Battery life: 2 hours on max, up to 8 hours on low, rechargeable from full in less than an hour Features: Max, Medium, and Low settings as well as a strobe effect which flashes on Max brightness for maximum visibility. Elevation/depression adjustment to shine light exactly where you want it. Light can reach as far as 150 feet on the ground and can be seen up to a mile. Durability - IPX5 rated

TAILLIGHT - Blitzu 168T

Brightness: 168 lumens on max, 140 on medium, 120 on low Battery life: 1.5 hours on max, up to 6 hours on low, rechargeable from full in less than an hour Features: Max, Medium, and Low settings as well as a slow flash, fast flash and strobe effect which flashes on Max brightness for maximum visibility. It’s light can illuminate the ground up to 15 feet behind you, and can be seen from over 300 feet Durability - IPX4 rated

And now the best part - PRICE

An overwhelming majority of people said they hoped to see the price of a set of lights within the $50-60 range. This was tough, considering a comparable competitor such as shredlights is selling a set of headlights/taillights with much lower light output and a track record of lack luster durability for $75. That being said, decreasing the size of the mounts and finding good deals on bulk headlights/taillight I am able to offer a set of headlight and taillight, with mounts, and many other goodies for $45.99 before shipping to community members. Non-discounted price will be $55.99. Shipping is ~$5ish first class depending on where you are in the US; and is about $17 international IIRC. Therefore, a set can be had for <$52USD within the US. Individually, they are $29.99.

Now, the features of the mounts; they utilize the provided clip-style mounts included with the lights to provide a super secure and satisfying method of installation. In addition to this, they are universal and can be mounted to either the old or new school bolt pattern.

Now, PICTURES: IMG_20190618_152337 IMG_20190618_201234 IMG_20190618_201506 IMG_20190618_201557 IMG_20190618_201713 IMG_20190618_201616

They will be for sale on my Etsy later tonight; use the coupon code ESK8COMMUNITY to receive the discount of $45.99. If you have any questions let me know! The link below has the discount pre-applied.


That has zero to do with anything. There are a million different kinds of lights, Im sure these have a fit as well.


I’m not sure what those are, but usually any higher output lights are more than a single LED; each headlight is 320 lumens. I suppose I should rephrase and say higher output per headlight. I’ll be eventually making a dual light version with a combined 640 lumen output; close to a cars headlights on low.

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I know, it’s just that he stated they have the highest output light on an eboard so I was just informing him…

Edited for your satisfaction :wink:

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:upside_down_face:I flagged my post so it should be gone soon! Nice job on the lights!

Thank you! Appreciate the kind words.

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I went out last night and got some night photos; all of these are taken on my oneplus 6 nightscape mode for a solid baseline. They are taken in the pitch dark, and are a pretty good representation of what you see when you are riding. This is with a single headlight/taillight


This is the middle elevation, basically horizontal. It gives you better range with a bit less ground coverage. The fully elevated position obviously gives you better range with less ground coverage. IMG_20190620_225137

And here is the depressed elevation, with amazing ground coverage that “digs” into potholes and cracks up to about 50 feet in front of you. IMG_20190620_225215

This is what you see when you ride, I was confident for about up to 25mph not knowing what trail this was. IMG_20190620_225338 IMG_20190620_225714

IMG_20190620_225837 IMG_20190620_230209