Im a bad bad e-sk8er. Only use for utility

Now dont get me wrong, I use my board, and even longer trips. And I enjoy every trip with all its travails. But, I dont go out Esk8ing. I dont try to go my fastest. I dont do anything risky. I dont set out on an early sunday morn.

AS such, I can hardly claim it as a hobby. It is BASIC TRANSPORTATION. And I refuse to admit to any FUN.

Am I doing this all wrong?

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You still enjoy riding your board. Dont lie.

To be honest with you, I don’t recall seeing an “how to be an esk8-r” 101 type crap. If there was, I must have missed the memo. I ride because I used to be a skateboarder. But I wanted to try electric skateboards. Never regretted that decision.

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It’s building is one of my best ideas. Overall. It can go everywhere my electric mountainbike cant. I LOVE LOVE love the idea of personal transportation of in particular, the disabled. It is getting afordable for all the masses. Doing errands is a big deal for those without all the trappings of car ownership.

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