I'm a genius.. But Lessons learned, again

Naw, I’m gonna use if for either hummies or carvin v4 TDs or maybe rebuild my Evo onto it.

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One of the many dumb things I did was when mounting my meter though the deck.

First I mounted it like this and it works fine. IMG_8313

Then on the next board I thought I would turn it sideways to make it easier to read. The only problem is that my polarized sunglasses blank out the screen so I have to lift them to read it. IMG_8314

BTW, great idea for a thread @mmaner


I did my first Evo like that using a morising drill. Brings to mind another stupid I did.

Tape… Tape everything when you drill. It keeps the wood veneer from splintering as bad. Also, use as little down pressure as you can and still get results. The slower you go, the cleaner the cut.


When drilling through a deck I always clamp a piece of scrap wood on the underside for a clean exit hole.


lessons learned: don’t wear polarized sunglasses while riding

You don’t know all the things you aren’t able to see…

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We woke him up now let the fun begin. :grin:

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Take into account the TEMPERATURE of your lipo battery during use. Give them adequate space and cooling.

Riding in hot weather and hard trail, I Puffed(destroyed) $150 in lipos… Could of been more costly and dangerous, but I was lucky and noticed the battery bulging through the ABS enclosure early enough.($7 Temp monitor/$5 fan/slats going in this time :wink: Hot+high discharge rates=dangerous. I am running a lithium/cobalt electrolyte lipo pack which is most unstable at high temps. (zippy-c) The battery is a good combination for the drive system but requires reliable cooling on Hot hard days. I will now prioritize cooling over waterproofing the battery compartment since the 12S circuit is fused and rarely sees heavy moisture on top of the deck anyway.20180907_152818%5B1%5D