I'm about to order 100 steel motor pulleys, 16T at 12mm. [THEY'RE HERE]

… from a company in the good ol USA who seemed to dig that i build irresponsibly steezy boards.

These will be 16T for 12mm belts, keyed for the 3mm keys we use with our motors and have grubs in the belt surface because they will have no overhang and feature flanges on both sides. It will fit the standard 8mm shaft on most motors.

I’m doing this because nobody seems to want to stock this particular style of motor pulley anymore and i fucking need them.

So they will also be available for sale in my shop because i try to make everything i use available if at all feasible

If this works out i may see if they can also produce an aluminum variant of my 36T kegel based wheel pulley because 16/36 on 100mm boas seems to be a damned fine sweet spot for just about everyone who has set foot on my current build.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


just listed them on the shop:


What size grubs? Grubscrews over the key or over the axle?

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Watching this :ok_hand:


preferably over the key, i prefer not to have rattles, although usually they don’t anyway.

m4 probably, that seems to be the standard.

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‎ Price???

not sure yet, depends on how much shipping is. my ppu isn’t that stellar at this quantity but i’ll try to keep it reasonable.

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I tried using superglue in addition to the normal stuff. Sucks for taking stuff apart, but rattles be gone.

So far it’s great. One drop on the key when you put it together

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Huh? https://psychotiller.com/product/15t-and-16t-8mm-motor-pulleys :laughing:

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Those have shoulders.

Oh. Well, I guess I need to pay more attention…

Why does nobody have 15mm pullies that are like these :roll_eyes:


@marcmt88 come through!

they sent me drawings to approve in imperial units, so I asked them to please go back send them to me in metric.

somebody has to stand up for progress in this country. Baby steps. lol


Thank you for doing that. It’s the little things that count. They really do make a difference.


Just an update: The set screws are at a 90 deg angle to each other, with one over the keyway and one on the shaft. Also they are M3, not M4 as I previously stated.

still waiting on a drawing from them in metric units before i post it, but i have verified for myself that the measurements are right. The belt surface area is 13.0048 exactly.

the plan is to approve it and give them money today if they get it back to me in time. I’m not yet sure what the turnaround time will be.

I was able to get this moving, but we’re looking at about 4 more weeks of lead time apparently. So hopefully in about a month we’ll have some steel motor pulleys happening.


Nice! Will the pulley fit this maytech motor? image

I have 400 of those right now.

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Maybe you should have checked my site…

Speaking of your site I really like the changes. It looks really clean But im having issues getting pages to open on mobile @psychotiller