I'm building a mongrel, need a spud 29 @#$%^!

So, the title pretty much explains it. I’m building a mongrel board, part MTB, part Street, swappable stuff (more on that later) but I really need a Jet Potato 29. I’ve contacted Jet, they ain’t got nuffin. As a last resort I could use the Unik Carbone, but ship times and having never used one, Im a little reluctent.

If someone has a spud 29 they don’t use anymore, I dont mind if its used as long as its solid, drop me a PC. I can always sand and re-coat. thanks

Trust me, I’ve called every skate shop and Jet themselves every week. They are no longer around…

Ahhhhhhh, that sucks.

I want to find someone to press a blank deck with a 1/4 inch kicrodrop and I will just cut the shape out on my CNC. But don’t know where to start and it’s not at the top of my list.

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Id ask @psychotiller, @longhairedboy & @treenutter to see if they are interested, but I’m sure you already knew that :slight_smile: