Im building first time, i need some help :) dual motor belt build

Hi i have been reading on eSk8 for a while now, and i just cant find the perfect answers to my many questions…

i have a normal long board, idk how big it is, but its not a small one :slight_smile:

i have a dual motor mount kit

and im going to get 2 of this motor: it fits the motor mount…

can some one please tell me what else i would need… and yeah i have been reading. and i know i need esc or vecs (2 of them) and some cabels. oh yeah and i really want to have a 12s just because.

well i hope someone will like to help me.

just ask me if you need more info :wink: thx

I guess you was reading without an account before right? If no, 43min read time not really a lot :sweat_smile: The search function in the right up corner will help you a lot to find all you need to know. Do that research and make a list with what you want to buy. Post this list here and we can let you know if it will work like that or if better to swap out different parts.

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i didnt have an account

What trucks do you have? Normal caliber trucks wont be nearly wide enough for dual 6374. Dual 6355 is many times better than a boosted board, you might want something like that instead. Ive use dual 6374 on an all terrain board, and as a friend wisely put it, it has “poop your pants torque”

Edit: not sure why it responded to andy. It bugged out on mobile again. Mb

I think because you just like to reply to me :rofl:

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That i do. But dont flatter yourself this time :joy:

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Hi im sorry for not answering but here i am again. The motor mount kit i bougth comes with trucks and they said it can fit dual 6374. But is 6355 a better option ?.. btw i still havent found out any thing about the dual esc or dual vesc and what cables to get to make them work together, so if you know a link to a thread or a website it would be great. :grinning: btw the motor mount and the trucks are probally some cheep sh*t because it from ebay. I will change them if they make it un-rideable. But the motor i will buy from Tourqe boards

What you need to do is write out a structured list of what you’re buying. You seem a little all over the place with this, so organization will help you get to that board smoothly :sunglasses:

I can’t recommend ebay trucks

>inb4 skunk post yer pics Lol

But the trucks snapping is a legitimate concern. Go with some second hand caliber 50s, or spring for Torqueboards 218s

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hi again.

i have recived my trucks and motor mounts, and in my eyes it doesnt look that bad.

well i have searched a little and found this:

i have read that it makes somthing wierd when i goes up small hills, when using 12s batteries? and that is what im going to use ( 12s ) is that vesc a no go ?

and im going to get 2 x:

if i go with these items what type of battery should i get, im thinking about 9000mAh.

The flipsky 6374 motors have lots of bad reviews om the site. I hear the 6355 are okay, but ive definitely seen alot of faulty 6374s.

Also its impossible to see what’s wrong with those cheap cast trucks with the naked eye. Just keep an eye out for bending in the hanger. It’s not fun to have one snap mid ride.

@dickyho sells some good affordable motors I recommend u check him out


@yelnats8j thanks for the tip.

I have now bought 2x 6374 170kv 2900kw

And a dual esc for 10s so i guess im going with 10s…

any suggestions to what battery i should get ? (ofc 10s)

thanks guys you are helping me alot :slight_smile: just point in a direction pls :smiley: i will be gone for a while, im back friday, so i cant answer :sweat:

hi guys is it better to go with 5x2s? or 2x5s lipo batteries ? or is it completly the same ?

Personally having motor mounts that have adjustable angles are the way to go. My motors were hitting my enclosure. But that’s also because I run split angles. That’s maybe something to consider if you don’t want too many risers.

both motors are on the back and not splitted

second recommendation for @dickyho motors - I’ve had 6 so far (varying size and kvs) without problems

yeah i have already purchased 2 motors and a esc from him

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Guys i need help… i want my skateboard to have some power very soon…:slight_smile: i have an esc that can take 10s6p batteries. but i dont know which type to go with.

I have looked on lipo batteries, because i saw a thread where a guy said, better go with the easiest option now and switch it out later. but i cant find any 10s6p or 2x5s3p

can someone please tell me what to go with, im pretty tired of this battery searching…:neutral_face:

is the motors also going to affect the types of batteries that i have to buy?

The ESC doesn’t give a damn how many cells are in parallel, just the total voltage.

If you want range, get a 10s li-ion pack of 18650 or 21700 cells, @Dirt_Bag can get you a 10s4p pack for $300ish

If you want power, get a 10s lipo pack from 5s HobbyKing packs, they should be $200ish for a comparable range pack

Please do a better job of researching this, it’s really not that hard and we will not just give you an answer. If you want more of the motor power then get higher power batteries, use common sense


i can indeed. i have some ready to be shippied right now for $300 usa shipping