I'm done with Nano-X remotes

They have tried to kill me one too many times. I have 3 of them and 2 are showing the same symptoms.

The problem manifests the same - despite being on the charger all night the night before the ride, the remote does not charge. Then when I go for a ride the battery goes down and the remote starts doing horrible unpredictable things - like go full brake from nowhere or full throttle at even the lightest movement of the trigger.

The last time this happened the board shot out from under me and I was limping for 2 weeks. This time the board went to neutral, then full brake and I managed to get off it before anything bad happened. Followed by a long hike back to the car.

These things are irresponsibly dangerous and I’m tossing the lot of them in the trash.


Sounds like the same batch I was sent you have to have it turned on while charging

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Open it up. I had something similar happen, positive lead from the battery had a poor connection to the PCB

I opened the first one - battery connection was fine and I capacity tested it and that was fine. I suspect Ashintar is correct, but that just makes it worse because Enertion told no-one, did nothing and didn’t replace them.

Which basically makes them evil.


Im not your manager but I would cool it a little x)

ahem lets not start vendor bashing ahem

edit: this was responded to twice, so i guess i should try and fix it in post.

I didnt intend to say your anger is unjust or anything, I would be exactly as mad as you are if I was in your shoes. I just didnt want anything to spiral out of control :laughing:

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I see no problem vendor bashing if a vendor is criminally negligent. This is a safety issue. We should go back and look at all deaths and serious injuries in esk8 and see how many of them involved Enertion remotes.

I have like 8 nano x and the only time one did not charge was because I dropped it and the negative battery wire broke off the PCB. A little bit of solder fixed that. Also have 2 remotes that don’t light up red when charging but they still charge.

Remember enertion only made the case for the Nano X the internals are winning version 2

I must agree with you guys, I got 2 and after a while they stop charging well and they become unreliable, one of the first things it happens is red light of charge doesn’t work, but still charging and still usable, but more and more unreliable, and the shit happens

It’s just a nano reskin so no big surprise there. My guess is irregular voltage from the battery that isn’t properly filtered out causing signal fluctuations.

This gets worse as the remotes age/at the lower battery voltages.

I don’t have the equipment to empirically verify. But it’s what I’ve personally observed.

I agree if the remote has low power it does act weird but I never have that issue cause o have multiple remotes and I charge them before a ride. Usually if I don’t charge the remote it last about a week

What is a good remote these days? I am looking for one…

My next remote is not going to be a PWM remote. It’ll be a serial stream remote. This (theoretically) ensures that it can never go full throttle nor full brake unexpectedly on low battery. It should be pretty easy to determine at what battery level the transmitter integrity starts to fail and put a cutoff in for that voltage.

The nice thing about remotes is you don’t have to worry about voltage sag.

Yeah first time I forgot to turn off my remote I woke up at 5am to my board screaming at full power lol. Luckily the drive wheels weren’t touching anything.


benchwheel is a good remote and safe.


Ok, I’ve calmed down now a bit. Thanks for putting up with my ranting :slight_smile:

Try this :point_up_2: you won’t be disappointed. I had a nano for 2 days and now don’t use it. Not bad per se just not my cup of tea. Throttle range was too short for me and calibrating every time you use it seems like a bad design flaw imo.

Is the Benchwheel receiver Serial, PWM or both?

If it’s serial is it compatible with VESC out of the box?


I totally get your point, any remote sold for esk8 has to be 100% reliable and should be safer than a normal hobby remote because we stand on this boards and very bad things including death can happen, that’s no joke!

I had the new Maytech remote (MTSKR1712) which had serious connection problems in the city and lead to many almost crashes and dangerous moments like going downhill and can’t break for 2 seconds. Or going full throttle and leaning forward and then the remote cut off. This remote is too dangerous in my area.

The Steez remotes I use are very reliable if you know 2 things. First if you push down the thumb throttle at neutral position it enters pairing mode and you loose any control but pushing it a second time briungs back the control. The second thing was already mentioned in this thread and seems to be a common problem with some remotes. If the battery is low the remote acts weird like full throttle for 2 seconds or 100% brake. That’s why I charge the remote after 1-2 rides to avoid this problem. Otherwise the connection is solid and I know that I can brake when I need to brake, that’s a good feeling.

https://www.banggood.com/2_4GHz-Radio-Remote-Controller-Receiver-Transmitter-For-Electric-Skateboard-p-1125575.html?ID=514178&cur_warehouse=CN lets not forget this one, correct me if im wrong but this one is also very reliable