I'm Going Crazy, So Many Options, So Little Budget

I’m trying to think of how I’ll do my first build and I think I’m about to go crazy. So I’m soliciting all of the forum members’ advice to help me make a decision.

I’ve decided to do a hybrid of a mountain board and a city rider.

Question #1: Is it possible to have batteries (LiPos) top mounted when doing rough terrain and downhill riding and use another set of batteries (Li-Ion) + enclosure under the deck during everyday ride for a more stealthy look?

Question #2: Is more of a poll. I’m about to lose my head deciding on what deck/complete/parts to use to make this happen. Here are the things I’ve come up with and this is where I need your pieces of advice and opinions.


HS11 Deck

This thing just exudes “sexy”. And a lot of people have used this as the base of their builds, which means I’ll have a lot of resources and guides to learn from, not to mention availability of different parts. The 2 things that’s stopping me from going this route are, I can’t get a complete set with the infinity trucks and, price (especially if I buy the parts separately to get the infinity).


I’ll replace the trucks with the Matrix II and call it a day. What I like about this are the price, maybe less than 50% the price of OPTION 1, and the size (and weight)- it’s compact/smaller and lighter, something I’d like for a daily driver. And I could upgrade other parts as well in the future (e.g. bindings, heel straps, hubs, etc.)


A combination of the HS11 deck and the MBS Matrix II trucks - if it’s possible. Getting the best of both worlds. Sexiness of the HS11 and the reliability and performance of the MBS trucks. Completing the board with other MBS parts would put the price point somewhere in between OPTION 1 and OPTION 2.

So this is where I am at. I’m fairly set on what other components I’ll be using to make the “E” part of the build. I’m just stuck on what board to use before I can move on.

If you have any suggestions, or provide insight on what to choose please let me know. I’m here to listen to your advice. Thank you in advance.

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Don’t have a board myself so take my reply as you like, but I’ve found that the board itself is just a fraction of the price. You might save 200 dollars or so by choosing between the Trampa and MBS but in the grand scheme of E-things it isn’t that much.

You can have two battery packs, but they would need to have the same specs as eachother as you can’t change VESC settings on the fly. Many boards in market feature some sort of swappable battery pack design. Keep in mind though that it’s also another potential point of failure. If the connector pops loose you’re likely going to end up on the ground.

Really interested to see what you come up with. Id probably just do the tramps since it’s well documented. A mixture could be really cool though!

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Actually you can change Vesc setting now if you get a Bluetooth module and app on your phone. Well the basic setting at least


Have you seen this? If this was only posted sooner i could have sold my carver…


scroll through this thread and see what you like I suggest starting on the button and then going up http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words-use-pm/2992/4379

If you like a particular build pm the person who posted it for advice usually those ppl love talking about their accomplishments and will be happy to answer all your questions

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I know. I really like this community. We have seen a need for it here in Austin Texas. There are no outlets for the growing esk8 community in central Texas. We also see the need for quality and innovation. Some of the outlets available just skip over the quality and go for quantity and profits. The community is full of individuals who give information and ideas freely and try to help. We have seen it leave this community out by taking what was freely given and redesigned and engineered and locked up and hidden from the user. Not cool. One of our goals is to take it back by sourcing from with in the community, taking steps to bring new products to the community first and in ways that are affordable ie kickstart indigogo and other ways to keep prices down for the individual. As I type others are doing the same thing. Realizing the need and seeing the bigger companies over look the roots of the industry. The list of trusted sellers is one working list. I think a bigger push in networking and keeping the information, innovation, configuration and customization in the hands of the DIY community. We will keep you posted.

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making a board stealthy adds to the price, not to the functionality. If you want it cheap, shrink wrap those lipos in industrial heat shrink…perhaps cover them with some plastic plates before doing so and velcro those suckers to the top of your board.

  • Forget about BMS.

Get a regular lipo charger.

  • Forget about anti-spark switches.

Get a regular XT-90S and use that as your main power connector.

Check @Darklinks build. He had both topmounted and underside battery.

Not sure if same capacity, u can make switch / connector between them and use just one at a time

Yeah. I got excited when I saw that post. I clicked the link before reading the whole post and, like a little kid in a candy shop, I went through their catalog. The board looks great, specs are amazing and it’s within my budget. Went back to the post and started reading, then the second paragraph hit me: “high speed, long range, pneu-only, flexible non-mountain board.” A tear rolled down my eye, back to the drawing board. The End. :smiley:

Yeah, I intend to use LiPos for rough/mountain/downhill riding without BMS. But if I do get Li-Ions, I’d rather have a BMS in. I don’t mind spending a bit more to make it “stealthier” in city riding :smiley: But again, these are just options that I’m thinking about. I may or may not do it.

Check out flexibms. I think that is a better choice once available. I’m definitely interested in it for my battery packs

Hey @hyperIon2 you live in Austin? I just moved out of Austin, I’d of loved to have seen that LaCroix board while I was there I’d of been all over that, lol. Kinda glad to be away from there now, it sounds like the Unibomber has decided to blow up Austin these past few days. Scary stuff.

I know someone’s done it I just can’t remember who. Stalking his profile, I can only see the potato monster he built, which is by the way, drool-worthy. I’ll dig deeper or maybe I’ll just ask him directly.

Definitely! Bookmarked and watching that post.

Yea. Not cool. People just can’t get right. Was the rock throwers on 35 now this shit bag. But honestly, no one is safe anywhere. Keep rolling and don’t be a bystander you see something save a life.

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Truth be told, I want to go the MBS route all the way. But every time I see Trampa builds, most recently @Eboosted 's Phoenix, make it very difficult for me to commit to MBS - they just look so damn good! Hence, I’m here asking for people’s advice to help me, finally, decide which route to take.

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It was in another topic

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Just, wow! It looks amazing. What mounts are those? This looks like one of those smaller carving decks though, is it?


Trampa deck MatrixII trucks F5 binding w/straps Nowind motor mounts Eboosted enclosure

LaCroix deck and enclosure looks promising if you’re just looking to ride street. Wider deck = more room for batteries.

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