Im gonna try to start a Esk8 company

gonna be based in NYC. lets see what I can do.




Best of luck.


I’m also in NYC. Whatcha planning?

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Designing products? Contract manufacturer? Selling products made by others?


currently Im designing parts in Blender to prototype with a 3d printer. I have some friends in Brooklyn that I grew up with that are professional film makers and they love esk8 so we will be making media content also.

Currently designing parts in blender and will use 3d printing to prototype. Also, since I live in NYC and my buddies are pro film guys, we will make media content to start.

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I wish you success! Good luck

Designing parts in blender… that programs suited for organic modeling and not mechanical parts. What kind of stuff are you designing?

Im not designing anything like hard parts yet. I will use autocad for stuff like that. I’m also building batteries

Do you have any pictures showing what kind of work you do?

When I post an eBay add for parts related to this hobby I usually plug the 2 guys( builders who have been helpful and patient) it’s easy and free. It may be I’m a tard(i am) but my net searches do not bring things like big red’s boards or sky power systems,well not easily,. So at the bottom of my add it goes like this.”.if you are looking for a custom builder or all things esk8 try big red’s boards in colarado of Sky power art in Oakland, they both can fix/ advise on any needs you have, provide complete boards, custom battery ,answer stupid queries etc” I can’t link typically, but the name is enough. Please consider this if you post an add, it cost you nothing, it promotes their business and may help them with increasing the web searchs, making them easier to find with Google in the future. Just a thought. Jason

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