Im sure this is the wrong place but, I have an idea, a cheap easy one, for bringing your board with you

OK, you envision a belt. And on that belt, in the rear, is a WHAT, that connects the belt to the trucks. And so, you shop, etc, with the board being an unnoticed companion. It is a trailer. So you shop, browse, whatever, and the board stay right attached to your ass. Or else it is gonnna get stolen.

And so I ask, would this function work for many? Are there freaks, like me, that would like to functionally shop by electric skateboard?

My other idea, is like abbreviated waders, that have a bag attached that stays between your legs, and attaches to belt loops to stay up, so you can take SEVERAL bags full home by board.

So you have sleeves, that have velcro closure, that has a large bag that is suspended between the legs. It is held stationary there. You carve like normal. Or at least, only hampered like our TRAMPA brethren, that have garish boxes, stuffed with batteries, on top. This would allow doing a weeks grocery shopping, in one trip.

This sounds swell to me. I think it would be a cinch, in say NYC, or such. Full control, while shuttling twenty pounds etc.

Tell me how niche and unprofitable this would be.

By the way, I think I am going to work on the prototypes immediately.

My dilemma, DIRECTLY, I shop, and when I go to enter my card etc, and stuff my backpack, I must lay my board somewhere, and hope noone falls on it. If it was a trailer, then I would just leave it attached. Then, velcro my legs, and put the bags in the main bag, and cruise home.


I think you are hilarious. But I don’t judge.

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I do this almost daily.

The solution for me is to make skates that are commuter skates and not 75kg mountainboards with bindings and a house-sized battery on top.

Like this:

So you simply carry it inside with you, carrying the nose handle, and stick it in the bottom of the shopping cart if there is one, or just carry it like a handbag.

The secret is for the skate to be short enough that you can carry it straight-armed at your side, without the tail dragging. For me, that magic number is less then 31" long.

Yes this, very much this. So you stand it on the tail and lean the wheels against a wall or something else nearby. Maybe even your leg if you have to.

These style boards are literally the answer to your problems.

Also, single drive (rear heelside) boards with one huge motor (6380, 6384) are lighter than dual drive boards and have less parts to break.

Bruh, you just carry the bags with your front hand. I carry groceries home all the freaking time with no problems at all. In fact, I’ll venture to say that the food is less jostled and jarred than if you’d set it down in a car and it bumped around the whole time.

A Funwheel would be better for this, as you’d have two hands to carry with, but those have a whole 'nother set of problems to deal with. Mostly that they really suck to carry.


I use a backpack and shop. And with COVID, shopping every day is a risk.

It would be nice to carry the COSTCO sized things you still need. Or say, you live in an APT, and have to do wash.

And I hate you for trying to turn me into one of those with five boards.

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You don’t need five boards.

Three boards, however, is very useful. You can have a board break and another board with a dead battery, and still be able to leave at a moment’s notice. :smirk:


Do you have a spec list of your little boards? @b264

I like trailer idea I use a backpack on long journey I take my charger just in case