I'm wondering... Can I send my board parts to someone

And have it sent back solid and functional? Like send a truck, wheels, battery, enclosure, focbox, etc, and have it make it back to me without worrying if it’ll work or not. My latest issue has been the belt falling off whenever I ride regardless of how tight I think I put it on. It’s the same truck/pulley/motor setup as always but it won’t stay put for some reason.

I bought additional input plugs for the charging but haven’t replaced it as I could easily start a fire if I rewire it wrong. That was sparking and giving me charging issues. I’m still thinking about getting surfrodz trucks so I might be screwed regardless since I’ll probably need a new motor mount. I actually can’t get the Pulley off the motor as one of the screws is stripped.

What else? Oh the remote stopped working so I bought another GT2B remote and after attempting to replace it in the 3d printed mod, it stops working if squeezed too hard so I can’t even screw all the screws back in. Sometimes it just stops working and I have to take it back apart.

I tried to go on a group ride a couple weeks ago while in philly but the remote stopped working and when I got it working the belt kept falling off so I wound up leaving… They tried to wait for me too.

Anyone up to the task? For a reasonable price? I’m thinking of sending the least amount of parts so the shipping is at least cheaper. I’m in Ohio now for financial reasons so I’m probably not close to anyone on here.

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Maybe @venom121212 can help? He’s in Ohio


@hyperIon1 maybe but he’s in Texas…


I’m not a doctor but I’ll take a look applies here. I have a whole workshop of tools, free time, and a kind soul on the right day though so why not?

I’m currently batting 1.000 on builds :smile:

One board done and riding without need of disassembly since putting it together (almost 4 months in)

Second board built and only waiting for my second unity to arrive.


Sorry to derail thread op but what’s the second board gonna be?? @venom121212

@Hummie deck skinned by @Sender

@bigben enclosure

10s5p @hyperIon1 flat pack

Focbox unity

200mm Surfrodz rkp

@moon gear drive

@lrdesigns clamps for the Surfrodz

@riverside.rider bergmeister wheels

@jlabs 6374 sensored motors

@ricco TTL light system

20190419_164445 20190426_172013 20190420_143816 20190424_160909 20190419_163700


So awesome.

You forgot to @bigben for the slim enclosure. I really love the look of the hummie deck and bigben enclosure.


Youd be shipping it to Colorado but I’d be happy to help you out. I have references lol.

Did this one (full build) just the other day.

And so youre aware, everything but the front truck would be needed

  1. post a picture of your belt setup. I’m positive someone here can diagnose your problem.

  2. get a 30$ mini remote

  3. You were at a group ride and you didn’t ask ANYONE to look at your board?

Something doesn’t seem right here.


IMG_20190429_214716079 IMG_20190429_214635423 IMG_20190429_214629031

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I have a broken mini remote that Im no longer buying because it randomly stopped working. I have the innards of 3 GT2B remotes. One that stopped working, one I can’t get to consistently work, and one I haven’t taken apart yet. Hoping to 3d print a mod for my daughter. It was a beautiful day and everyone was trying to ride. I was only in philly for the weekend with stuff to specifically take care of so I didn’t have time. Someone did offer to help later but it was my daughter’s birthday and we were spending it with family. I posted some pics of the setup.IMG_20190429_215317667

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Maybe I can plan a trip out to you. I’m in Athens. Never been to Cincinnati before. Could be a fun weekend trip. I think it’s like 3 hours?

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Your pulley is too small, not enough teeth are engaged, you want the belt to warp around the pulley. You need to modify the mount with a “idler” (search the forum) or buy new caliber mounts (~$20) from @Boardnamics that come with idlers. Problem solved.

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buy a new remote. They’re only like $25. Problem solved.

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No. She has all the parts to complete her build so theres no need to buy more shit.

@Sapphirinia i strongly recommend @venom121212 helping you out if possible. The only thing i see you needing to buy or replace is the motor pulley. Max is right on that account. I usually run 16t but (it may be lower) 14t is minimum with HTD5m.


@Sapphirinia I’ll bet money your motor’s come loose. I had the same thing happen with my sk3, couldnt get it tight no matter what. Take off the belt and see if you can wiggle the motor can/bell relative to the mount. That should also wiggle the pulley. If that’s the case, you need to tighten the 3 hex screws on the mounting face of the motor.


Am I right in thinking that’s a 1 wheel drive with a 9mm belt.

From trial and error I would rip apart a 9mm belt in 2 miles on a single drive board. I believe your applying way more force to the belt than it can take and shredding it. Can you also check if it’s a m3 or m5 tooth patten? I might be wrong but it looks m3 in with case it can take even less force.

My recommendations 9mm belts on dule drive if you a genital and careful

12mm belt if you a gental and careful on a single drive grate for duel drive

15mm belts grate for single

Youre wrong. I say that with love lol. But 9mm wide belts is not wide enough for a single application.

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I am no genital and certainly not careful :rofl: