Imagine the possibilities-Lattepanda and other single board computers integrated in an eboard

So, I just recently heard about these single board computers, like LattePanda for example. They run a full version of windows 10, you can pair them w a mini 7-inch touch captive LCD screen, they have USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, and run off of a 5V (2A) mini USB port…did I meantion that they only cost about $100!!!
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could integrate this somehow into the board so you could run off the vesc and go into vesc tool to adjust settings right there on a mini computer that’s integrated into the board? Rhetorical question…of course it would be freaking awesome!

Here’s a video on YouTube about it:

Already have as I know. Look @ Pi and arduinos

A raspberry pi is way cheaper

Touch screens for pi’s are about $20. Super fun to mess around with