Imax B6 Charging Tutorial?

Could anyone help me charge my batteries for the first time? This charger is confusing me and I’m not sure of the settings to use.

Imax B6 12v 3A Power adapter

Am I allowed to point him here? Imax B6 Tutorial

Otherwise, here yah go.


definetly lol.


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great, I’ve gotten warning points on other forums for using those links… LOL

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those links are greatly appreciated here, especially for such an easy, searchable topic :wink:

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Thanks for the link. That video kind of sucks though.

In the video he sets the charger to ‘LiPo Charge’. What about the other option, ‘LiPo Balance’…don’t I want that? I’m charging 2 3S wired in series.

What Amp do I set the charger too? 3A? 5A? My ac adapter is only 3A so I’m guessing 3 max?

BTW, I’m feeding the power (red and black from the charger) through my balance adapter. Not sure if this changes anything but this is why I’m asking because I don’t want to start a fire.

you are supposed to plug your balance wires straight into the B6. the two wires are for discharging not charging

Peep this link. I have it wired up just like this. Paging @lowGuido !

how to charge electric skateboard battery by Low Guido’s Chop Shop

From the video description: Before anyone says anything about charging high current through balance leads, the imax B6 has a 12V input and 5A max output. charging 6S has a full charge voltage of 25.2V with the step up provided from the imax B6 that gives a maximum output of around 2.4A it is perfectly acceptable to charge at 2.4A on the 22AWG balance leads.

yeah so set it to 3A 6S if thats the max of your adapter. the reality of it is that it wont go higher than 2.4A anyway.

select lipo charge or lipo balance and then hold down the start button for a few secs. it will check and then you press start again to start charging. its a pretty smart charger, if you do anything wrong it will alarm and not let you charge anyway.

Thanks man. Ok so i just fired it up and tried charging and it gave me a ‘low voltage’ warning and wouldn’t charge…

The voltages of each cell in your lipos shouldn’t be below 3.2v check them and see what they are at. If it’s lower Han 3.2v you’ve discharged them too much

Damn. They are brand new batteries, haven’t been used and have been sitting.

I checked and they are like 3.7, 3.7, 0.2, 0.2, 0.18. New batteries from HK…

Go to hobby king and fill out an RMA and have pictures of the battery voltages, they should approve quickly and then they will send you new batteries ,just may take a couple weeks

Fuckin hobby king… i’ve been slowly piecing this board together and it’s been more than 30 days so they say they can’t help me.

That sucks , I had bad luck with my batteries from hobbyking too ( had a bad cell but cut it open and soldered a new wire and that fixed it ) but that’s why I switched to lion batteries

Shitty. What could cause a new battery to get this low? I’m fairly certain when I first got the batteries I checked the cells and they were all around 3.8 and now 4 of 6 are super low…they’ve beens sitting up until this week when I started hooking everything up and I tested the remote hooked to the motor for maybe 20 seconds but that’s it.

The battery just could be defective , for me it was one of the balance cables had split inside the silicon,because they use cheap wires but seems like you just got an unlucky battery

sounds like a defective battery. video it and send it to HK the should replace it.

I have bought A LOT of lipos from HK and I have only seen 1 defective one, and they replaced it pretty easily. dont let it get you down man… these things happen

Thanks. Yeah I think they were bad or I did something by letting them sit that messed them up…Just bought new ones though and I’m attempting this again. I got everything plugged up and I think I’m ok for now (no sparks, phew). These things scare me for some reason…

I’m kind of confused though about the voltage numbers and such - not sure exactly what they mean or what’s normal.

For instance, I understand that each cell should be 4.2 full charged and I should stop the skateboard at 3.8 to be safe. I’m guessing 3.8 is safe storage voltage also, correct? When my esc cuts off at that number can I just leave my board for a while?

What exactly is the 22.2v number reference also? Is that just the 3 cells added up?

Ok so, while writing this. I plugged the new batteries in to charge. They were at like 3.74 each cell. I started the balance charge and it literally stopped after 5 minutes. Are they charged? That seems super fast…