IMAX B6 Clone Charger [US]

25 bucks? Does not come with power brick as it was my monitor power supply. Will come with balance board.

Take a picture showing the back of the charger, please.

This looks like a fake IMAX B6…

Yeah, that’s why I asked for a picture of the back.

Probably is a clone but it did work well for me.

If its a ‘clone’ then you can get these brand new with a power supply on ebay for £22…

imax B6 does not use a power brick, they use a power cord like a desktop computer.

Ohhh I see. Well this is the thing I have lol

Post more photos…

The IMax B6 uses a laptop style power supply, the IMax B6AC uses and ATX cable.


It’s 100% a clone. I got one and it burned up so change your title to Imax b6 Chinese Clone.

I would but I’m down in my shed trying to throw my motorcycle back together over the weekend.

It may be imaxb6 mini clone

It 100% is there is no square verification sticker, and a load of missing details

It is a clone I can legit check those

I think so? I have no idea since it was thrown in with my board and I am no longer running lipos

Real IMAX B6 for reference…

@moderators can you take this thread down? Nobody wants my stuff. :sob: