IMAX B6 - Something To Make You Laugh

When I first started building my first board, I bought lipos and inevitably a balance charger.

I opted for an IMAX B6 as it has great reviews and a sturdy record in the RC world.

However, what I actually bought was a Chinese clone (unknown to me at the time) which very soon started to fail. Overcharging, not detecting all cells while balancing, eventually getting locked in discharge mode, rendering it useless.

Today however, I received my genuine mini IMAX B6 but the power adapter I bought for it didn’t fit. I still had this old clone (with built in power supply) so I thought, maybe I could salvage the power source from the clone to power my genuine mini…

So I just took it apart… It seems that all they’ve done is taken a regular laptop power brick and shoved it inside the casing!! Lmao!

To be honest, it makes it easier for me to utilise it for my mini’s power source, but it did make me chuckle…! :laughing:


Well, the old clone’s PSU is now happily powering my genuine mini IMAX B6! Lol


Now put it all in the old case :slight_smile:


I wonder if that’ll actually work!? :smiley:

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Only one way to find out… :wink:

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True! Here goes!..


It DOES say “Built-in AC Adapter” right on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! You’re dead right… not normally what you’d expect though… lol

I agree! They were being quite literal about it… :smiley:


lmao that’s the best :grin:

My clone imax gets so damn hot. I could cook my breakfast on it.


The genuine imax b6ac v2 has the same looking power adapter inside My preferred choice 4 channel x 100watt

Thats so weird ive had a very different experience with B6 charger. Personally I bought mine on eBay over a year ago for about $16 and its been working very well ever since. I use a 16V 7.5A old adapter and it powers my B6 as well as my Hitec X1 AC Plus which is pretty much just a B6 AC in a different housing lol. @Lionkev55 does your B6 get hot charging or discharging? Mine barely gets warm charging though it gets very hot discharging lol.

I have a genuine B6AC V2 that I bought for $60 on eBay >2 years ago and it’s been a really great charger. It gets quite warm (I wouldn’t say hot) when charging at 6A 6S sitting on my bed (so no air flow) but it will happily sit like that for hours on end without getting hotter.

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Mine gets very hot when charging at maximum wattage. It is just inefficient but I can’t blame it considering it was so cheap.

Smart boii

I got my Imax B6AC charger 7 years ago. It is clone. I use it a lot, during summer it is on for 2 to 4 hours each day. It works well despite being clone, I was calibrating it only once and thats this summer. But it don’t like charging at full power of 50W, However this year I got another one, clone, but it is full trash from first day I got it. It gets decalibrated after few cycles. I don’t use it anymore from safety reasons. Best charger I have is Accucel 80W, but I think of replacing all my chargers with ISDT next seasion.