Imax B6 trouble

Hi guys.

Just got my imax b6 today and I’m having a bit of trouble with it

First of all it’s the imax b6 (copy) from hobbyking and I have a 15v 5a AC charging brick.

When I charge my LiPos (6s 5200mah) I set it to 5a but when it’s charging it only charges at 2.1a is this normal? Can I charge it faster.

Second is a hardware issue and I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem. The port where I plug In the charger does not work correctly I have to put it at a angle and a heavy object on top. I think there’s a issue with the outside connection.

IMAX lowers charging curret when cell voltage approach 4.2 due to balancing.

It’s a 50 watt charger. So, its normal it can only charge to about 2A on 6s. You can calculate max charging amps using watts divided by voltage, so 50 watts divided by 25.2 volts(6s).

Sounds like you might have a broken solder joint on the power port, used to happen on laptops in the past when the cable was snagged. You need to return the charger, or fix it.

Your power cable could be broken just before the plug that goes into the balance charger. Try another one too see if the problem is the cable, or the b6.

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This is probably a stupid question - I just woke up.

How do you want to charge a 25.2V battery at 5A with a 15V and 5A brick?

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Imax has a boost converter

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No that makes a lot of sense😂

It’s taking very long to charge

To increase voltage, the boost converter has to decrease current to about 3A. No?

Well the Imax is a 50w charger so for it to get 50w it needs slightly more than 50w on the input. So at 15v you would need 3.3334 amps to get to that 50w input even though the charge will only output about 2 amps because of the higher voltage output.

Another example you feed 10v into a boost converter and you set it to out put 30v. Now you want your output to be 30v 2a so about 60W.

Input Wattage = output wattage (not including losses)

60w / 10v = 60w / 30v

10v 6amps = 30v 2amps

I think that math is correct and remember to factor in that most boost converters are around 90-95% efficient, although that decreases as the voltage difference increases.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong plz

It charger the first LiPo fine charging the second now. takes 2.5 hours per :expressionless:

Was your battery pack out of balance like 3.65V 3.65V 3.63V

The thing about some Cheap balance chargers Is instead of charging the " 3.63V" They would just charge the whole pack through the mains And then discharge the over charged ones and then charge them all up again, and It would repeat it until all cells are 4.2 which takes a very long time.

Yes the last cell was out of balance

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A connector like that Can go into the balance port and directly charge the Low cell,

I dont understand. do you mean solder xt-60 connectors to the first and last balance leads

xt-60 what you on about?!

idk :joy::joy:

you see your balance port that white thing allows u to reach each cell individually. right>?



Now what if you had this, 4.2V 4.2V 4.0V You would want to charge the 4.0V separately right? Not charge the 4.2V 4.2V up and down until the 4.0V catches up.