Imax B6AC+ Charger(not genuine)

So I’ve started collecting my stuff for my upcoming project and decided to order a charger from a local store.

I ordered the Imax B6AC+ and when I get it its obvious to me that its fake, No authentication labels as the genuine has and so on.

Anyway as I unpack it I look at the charging cables and I feel like they are super thin, 18Awg(Can barely read the text) or something like that. Should the cables be this thin? (I cannot try it as for now as Im currently missing my batteries).

I did see a guy on youtube having some problem with the wire thickness, but not sure what he was charging with it, Im most likely charging a 12s setup. Has anyone had experience with theese chargers?

18AWG are okay as you won’t charge it using > 5A… The fake charger is not. If you don’t want your house to catch fire, return it. Those fake IMAX chargers are really poor quality and potentially dangerous. They can easily overcharge batteries ( which may lead to explosion in the worst case ) and so on…

Alright man, thanks for the reply.

Luckily its ordered within the country so should be no problem.